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What is the best graff video?

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My opinion is FX the video. I like productions so obviously I would. That vid has some of the most world famous productions on it and shots of DAIM (my insper) working and explaining his ways. If you like productions, get this one. We sell it on our site with other good stuff like the cope vid (another good one for history on trains in the bronx).


CAPS............ speakin of your sister - I dissed her - slept with her last week and she gave me this fucking blister.



MONTANA PAINT and shit dirt cheap.

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Guest SilpherGirl
Originally posted by dilation

i saw some graffiti tv and some other videos at tower records...but that was awhile ago

what's graffiti tv? showing graffiti on tv?~~ sorry it's a stupid question i must admit~ :dazed: if so which channel wat time

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Style Wars for sure,,,that movie brought graff worldwide....

The Kase bit was unreal, with him speaking about computer rock and shit........cutting and pasting his letters......The shit that people do on their computers now!!!!

Truly a visionary!!! also the seen bit was double-phat!

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Re: Re: Re: best graff video


Originally posted by valek13


graffsurgeon....i write nevr...you? why? ya heard of me?

get back to me through this post...valek13



thats what i figured...whoever im talking to on Nevr13 is denying its you. i write emurse..im in maine for now..i seen a couple of your freights and shit..

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