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shine/pen - new york?


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Originally posted by John Couger Melloncamp

that is NOT the same PEN that onorok rolled with. the PEN you probably see on freights is dope also, and may have (indirectly) influenced a younger onorok.


I beg to differ there champ... that is indeed the same Pen that rocked crazy trains with Ono and Deta way in the upstate.




Of course, I might be wrong.

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Guest doc bronson

<a href=http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/HYPEWILSO...HOWHO.jpg' alt='HYPEWILSO...HOWHO.jpg'>


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...maybe you should listen to your own words.



as far as i know. pen dmc has been writing for a quite a long time.


like most kids in the bronx he just grew up writing. quite for a good grip of time and has made a real effort in the past 2 years or so. so id hold your tongue so you dont jump the gun.


give props to those who deserve it.. pen dmc has gone all city. he puts in a serious amount of work.. his dead letters are fucking solid. for a while he dropped those dead letters in multiple boros in hot street level spots solo.



..just because he shares the same name with a writer from upstate doesnt mean he doesnt have a list of credentials.

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Guest Good Morning Captain
Originally posted by whiteshadow

Honestly, nice hits (and disses too) but the Pen in this post can't shake a stick at the

REAL Pen who rolls with Ono and Det. There should be no confusin'


Know your history before you start rocking a jocked name youngins'.....




No you should know your fucking history pal. The Pen from NYC doesnt have his pieces all over the internet or in the magazines like the Pen "who rolls with ono and det", so it that why hes not the real one in your eyes? I bet it is, and thats fucking pathetic. Open your eyes and see whats going on. Not every writter out there paints freight trains and pieces. No discredit to Pen TWD of course, they are both solid in their own right.

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keep em coming boys, I love getting you all worked up on here.

I honestly could care less about the whole thing...I give both Pen's props and would assume both could care less about having the same name since I don't see them beefing....haha...but it's fun to see what people jump up when you take a side for a quick moment....


Spew on kiddies....



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