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the new NFL thread


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2 hours ago, nicklesndimes said:

@ndvraiders meme. i think it's saying they're desperate for a winning season and have been for a long while. top player is randy moss, former WR from 2005-06..bottom is derek carr, current QB.


i don't fully get it either haha

Would have been better with a Russell jersey instead of Moss.

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My fantasy team is shit - we should definitely do a 12oz fantasy league next season.


That said 9ers seem to be decent but haven’t had any good matchups yet - our defense is going to be pretty good.


With Trey Lance out for the season and Jimmy G clearly has never been the guy - seems like just another season of fuckery for us. Goddamn we need a real QB. 

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Just now, KILZ FILLZ said:




just shows a team sucking across a fans entire life. “We gonna take it this year!” - every year, but sucking every year. Spanning decades. 

They don’t suck that bad, they made it to the Super Bowl in 2003.


















































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29 minutes ago, Schnitzel said:

question. In your football does the ball have to touch the ground in the end zone?

over here in rugby it does but it doesn't look like it from the 18 seconds of american football I've watched.

No it just needs to cross that line where the end zone starts. Even if it’s just millimeters over the line it counts as a score. Even if the ball carrier goes out of bounds. As long as they have possession of the ball while it “breaks the plane”, or they have both their feet in the end zone, it’s a touchdown. 













(millimeters for your convenience 😈)


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  • KILZ FILLZ changed the title to the new NFL thread

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