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What the fuck is going on in Ukraine?


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6 hours ago, T4M* said:


cant stand virtue signaling like this. really think that NH pulling vodka off their shelves makes an ounce of difference?


yeah, that’ll teach Putin to mess with the Ukraine. I’m sure he’s soul searching the transgression as soon as the tweet got passed across his desk. Smh

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1 minute ago, 6Pennies said:


Fucking a bunch of Beetle Baileys.....


Screen Shot 2022-02-27 at 8.45.36 AM.png

Pretty incredible but at least explains why the Russians are coming off so weak…


Starting to see a lot of buzz that most are new conscripts and not real soldiers and that many have no clue they were invading. They’re claims they were told it was all a training exercise. Again, makes no sense… Seems like a weak strategy from a historically brutal leader to think a show of force would have people in the Ukraine turning over. And even if that was the strategy, why do it with fake soldiers? Again, nothing here is making any sense at all. 

Also to think Russia can’t actually wage war at their door step or fight for 10 days and then run out of munitions seems ludicrous on its face when we’re wrapping up two decades in Afghanistan on top of patrolling most of the planet. 

Anyone actually seeing any feeds or outlets from the Russian point of view?

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42 minutes ago, misteraven said:




"In fact, if you really want to wreck Russia, what you should do is encourage them to try and conquer Ukraine. Putin, again, is much too smart to do that...."


Would love to hear Mearscheimer's take now.

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