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Not trying to bum anyone out, but


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Good news is our girl always been super level headed and I would bet everything I own she is full vaccinated.


I have met exactly two people off the ooontz IRL - some dude in Dublin who helped me find some stuff and @SukiSukiNow who spotted me at a Giants game and somehow knew I was Fat Ralphy……


One of my all time oontz faves and I will put out some good vibes for her. 

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Related note - this week 3 of my friends let

me know they all were positive, all vax’d but only one with booster.


My cousin in PA stroked out bad last year not the greatest health by any means, got Covid this week.


Nurse chick I am with said its been a shit show at the hospital last 2 weeks. Safety, health and wellness to all of you. Keep trucha. 

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17 hours ago, Dark_Knight said:

she is fully vaccinated. 

Mystery solved. 

I hope she continues to be ok. She sent me a custom cd around 20 years ago now. 

  I would have been surprised a healthy person got so sick but after my vaxed brother getting fucked up less than a week after the booster and then this it's pretty easy to connect the dots. 


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I just read this thread!!!

I love ya’ll ❤️❤️❤️

I tested positive NYE. I was fully vaxed, very careful, still cycling, wearing my N95 mask and somehow it finally got me.

2 emergency visits. My partner had to shake me awake one morning, he thought I was dead.

Excruciating pain just all over my body and I remember thinking I’d rather be dead but I survived.

Be careful, it’s still out there. 
I know I’m late by a year but thank you for the kind words.

will post noodz as a thank you… jk! I would never!



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Can’t believe a forum of vandals (or those with a casual interest in the artistic merit of such - like myself) fear the rebranded fly they call Covid so much so that you all got vaxxed.

They had a “flu that kills” since I’ve been on this planet called pneumonia, and this latest rebrand was just a scare tactic to see how easily the general population can be coerced into taking the zombie vax 😂

With this said, I caught it early in the year and it was just like a harsh flu that lasted a couple weeks.
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