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13 hours ago, Mercer said:

This is one of the most stupidest fucking things I've ever seen.   Once a jacket has been shot it's supposed to be replaced.  It's a good thing nobody trusted it to save their life.


Dont buy this kind of shit from Amazon or China unless you just don't care if it actually works or not. 

oh it's a "name brand" being sold on Amazon?  Read up on knock off walboro fuel pumps. China been scraping off that r&d for decades now.  They are made with inferior process, materials, and parts. 

I know of a turbo manufacturer here in the states that sells probably the best custom turbochargers (stock or upgrade turbine attached to a larger compressor wheel). They have their housings cast in China with a flaw in them that gets machines out when they arrive in the USA shop. This prevents their design from being easily stolen by people incapable of doing research. 

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2 hours ago, Mercer said:

If you live in China, and clip a pedestrian, there are massive financial incentives to run them over again and finish the job. Doesn't always work out though.




Dude ran over with a chair. 

was he just gonna post up and watch? Haha

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10 hours ago, Schnitzel said:

Have to be honest didn't expect the ending.


Neither did I. Looks like the chair dude might have lit the fire but no idea who poured the gasoline. Possible it was the driver themself.

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1 hour ago, Dirty_habiT said:

China needs to burn. Fuck that place. Drown while burning would be better. 

If by burn you mean burn limitless clean energy through an artificial sun…then they already are 


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Unlimited clean energy for 17 minutes lol. 

This tech is far from complete and Chinese "scientists" just come here and steal r&d. They're a thieving people without humanity.


Fuck em. I hope they melt when that thing fails. Nobody's been able to make fusion stable yet and I don't think Chinese will be the first. If you had said Japan or Germany I'd have a little more confidence. 

Not China though. They don't do their own research and as a result don't fully understand probably much of anything they fucking with. 

Do it right or do it twice. Chinese shit holds steady in "do it twice" all the time and I wouldn't expect this to be any different.  The chances for major catastrophic failure are very likely with those levels of energy. 

I don't hate all Chinese people, I hate evil. 

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Lol. Alright. Surrrreeee. r&d thieves. What you mean to say is the "science" they've stolen was well developed by other country's scientists. 

Interested to hear you spill all the personal knowledge about their science from you. My suspicion, however, is that you're just trying to refute what I say without offering any evidence. 

What "science" that they made is particularly well developed exactly?  Don't say this generator either because other countries have been far into the development of that tech for a long time now. It's very reasonable to believe that documents have been lifted from those places in an attempt to copy the work..... just like basically everything else they do. 

They eat dog dick soup.  

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