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On Tuesday, Elon Musk sold ~$1 billion in Tesla stock. On Thursday, they announced recalls for ~500,000 Tesla cars


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On 1/9/2022 at 2:25 PM, Dirty_habiT said:

Will get shit range if towing anything.  They might as well just call it the Ford Home Depot Runner instead of an F-150 because that's all I think an electric truck is good for.  At least this one won't look gayer than aids like that tesla truck.


There's a reason there aren't any 18 wheelers using batteries to tow shit across the land mass.


EV hauled freight is coming.



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32 minutes ago, metronome said:


Kinda… but not really for long distances. 



“Still, some activity around battery-electric freight trains has begun to stir. Wabtec’s new battery-electric locomotive, for example, will make its first runs on a 139-mile route from the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to the town of Conneaut, Ohio, chaperoned by the newest iteration of the company’s fuel efficient diesel locomotives.


 The diesel-electric combo may disappoint electrification fans, but Wabtec still expects an overall emissions cut of 30%, which is no small potatoes.

Fuel cells offer another route to electrification. Sierra Northern Railroad in California, for example, recently won a grant to build a fuel cell electric locomotive for freight applications. It will be confined to work in a switching yard”


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Don't think battery tech is ready for freight trains, or long haul trucking yet. Battery weight for electric vehicles is usually > 1/4 the total weight of the vehicle before it starts making sense even for short ranges. You'd need a super high (multi million dollar) battery cars, to freight car ratio to approach feasibly operating for an 8 hour period. It would be more cost effective to just run high voltage overhead wire, or third rails. You gotta think, battery tech barely makes sense (if that) for a light passenger vehicles. Hauling freight wouldn't make sense until EV's like Teslas start approaching the1000 mile range. Even then, I still only see it making sense shorter for local routes, where the equipment can afford the downtime required to recharge itself regularly.

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13 hours ago, KILZ FILLZ said:

do you think trash trucks might be viable? @Mercer


No, not even close to viable at this point. Possible though depending on the company/municipality operating them, their willingness to waste money, and to adjust their entire collection system to accommodate electric.


Maintaining 75mph on a highway in a small efficient passenger EV requires a 20-40 minute recharge every 3-4 hours of driving. Electric passenger busses have even less range to recharge time. I'm just assuming since garbage trucks are much heavier, less efficient, and are starting/stopping while powering hydraulics, etc.


My guess is they would most likely only be able to maintain a 2 hour shift at normal workloads, then require a long charge before being able to go back out. Even more of a waste considering you're paying the collectors operating it the entire time. If that's up for a vote in your area and you hate seeing money wasted vote no. Garbage collection (believe it or not) is super duty very important, especially in areas that snow since those trucks have to clear the roads to keep all us dumb asses alive. If sanitation, and the police are both threatening to strike, trust me, give them sanitation workers a raise if you know whats good for you. 

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