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On Tuesday, Elon Musk sold ~$1 billion in Tesla stock. On Thursday, they announced recalls for ~500,000 Tesla cars


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57 minutes ago, Mercer said:

I'm trying to think of a production vehicle that is more reliable, safer, or higher performance but none come to mind. 



 you’re posting this in a thread about recalls and how the hoods can unlatch on the highway. lol. 


don’t forget the huge * for that performance. we all know you’re sold on them but your bias is showing. 


also, your favorite cars look like knock off beamer plastic pieces of shit. 


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6 minutes ago, Mercer said:

Wondering what the asterisk is about?


Tesla guys just love posting clips of their plastic sled inching out a win in the 1/4 mile against the real beasts.


Lets see how well it would do against those cars in something like the 24 hour Le Mans 

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1 hour ago, Mercer said:

Guess I’m generally indifferent, and not emotionally invested enough to care what other people are driving. Regardless if there a good fit for what very type of race, they’re pretty cool cars for more realistic driving situations IMO.

I can’t argue with that. People can like what they like 

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Honestly, I don't get people that would pay to race their factory car like that unless it's a real exotic. Like yea, you paid for a cool car I guess, but it's kind of a low level non-flex to be at a track without an actual build, unless you're there to get drunk and huff methanol fumes. Might as well go home and cheer for a random electronics tech to raw dog your wife while you're at it. It's like yea dude, you got a good run in, or your wife came too, but it's all thanks to a random 3 inch dick electronics nerd.

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3 hours ago, mr.yuck said:

I like the aesthetics of Tesla’s.


There's a guy driving one around in my area with after market wheels and the stance has been lowered which looks really really good as it flows with the car I actually like it alot.  


When I see him out and about, I'll try to snap a pic. 

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