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I don't know if this is the right place for this but I figured someone might have some advice so here we go...


I am kind of stuck in a industry I don't find very interesting or rewarding (supply chain management) and whilst the pay is ok (slightly above the average London salary) it's not amazing.

I am in my mid 30's, have a child etc etc and want to change jobs and earn more money.


One part of the job I do enjoy is the analysis side and I think I would enjoy working as a data analyst/BI analyst.


It looks like there are a lot of well paid jobs out there but I don't know how I would switch over without taking a very junior role and major paycut. 

I have developed decent business acumen over the years and have some experience with MySQL, Power BI and Excel and producing KPI reports, spend analysis etc.


My plan is to improve the following skills through online courses/websites:


Advanced Excel


Power BI + DAX/Tableau

Read a book/do a course on statistics



Python - Matplotlib, pandas, NumPy etc


Along with a general course or cert on data analysis and watch the rest of CS50.

And volunteering myself for data projects at work.


Then I plan to create an online portfolio showing a few options of personal and professional projects and try market myself as a freelancer., in order to help apply for a job.

I may have to completely rewrite my resume and get a bit creative with the truth to get a look in.


I know the above skills can take a lifetime to master but I also feel like 80% of the time you can do a good job with relatively basic technical skills and a strong understanding of what is important to running a business.


So anyway, that's my plan for the next 12 months. My concerns are that I don't have a stem degree or real experience as an actual analyst so would be lacking the stuff they don't teach you. I do think I'd be good  but know I will have massive imposter syndrome applying for anything beyond a very junior role.


I think my dream would be to transition to data analyst role within 12 months,

Get to a good salary/freelance within 5 years (salaries are generally a LOT  lower here than in the US)

Then maybe learn a bit more about the cross over with data science over the longer term (10 years).


If anyone fucks with any of this, I'd like to hear your thoughts.





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