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Background Graffiti Leads To Location of White Supremacist


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Although he was “on the run,” in the words of one of his international far-right comrades, Bellingcat observed Rundo walking openly in the neighbourhood around the apartment building, his face and recognisable tattoos on display.


There’s some history of who this guy is in the article, and linked articles. 

The TLDR; white supremacist gets in trouble through the years in the US, and leaves the country. Serbia decides they don’t want him, and drive his ass to the border. He is spotted back in the country months later due to a photo he posted in which people recognized the graffiti in the background. 

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”Limited new Hoodies , comes with built in “covid” mask to keep to safe [sic] from the virus of surveillance 48$ shipping world wide,” Rundo wrote at 4:38pm Central European Time (CET). The post was first shared on his much smaller (fewer than 300 followers) and newer channel associated with his fashion brand, then shared seconds later on his much larger channel. The post was accompanied by five photos of Rundo modelling the hoodie.




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11 minutes ago, Dirty_habiT said:

It's funny when a whites racist gets fucked up but if a black racist gets fucked up then it's time to lace up and go to the autonomous zone?  Got it. Lol. 

I'm laughing now. 

What? edit: the fuck are you even talking about? 

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9 hours ago, Dirty_habiT said:

Racists are retards and this includes the large number of black supremacists that make up Break Loot Murder.... and all the faggoty white knights that support a black supremacist movement.


So when's the protest ya'll?

You have to keep in mind that there are two different BLMs. One is just people who want change and don't particularly subscribe to the politics. These are the peaceful protesters who just march around and 
bullhorn sometimes, addressing the crowd. The second side of BLM is the more aggressive side. 

"Good BLM" can be seen in a lot of the old broadcasts trying to keep people from burning, looting, etc their neighborhoods. They're the ones who truly want their voices heard and know destruction isn't the way. 

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