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... the NEXT.DTS.A2M.MAYHEM post ...

Poop Man Bob

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NEXT has always been in my top 5 list. I remember when I first when to Houston and was into graff I was all "Hmmm, who is this NEXT person, and I wonder if he's known." :lol: I use to go to Hotstown every year, but haven't gone in 2 years on the count of my father moving. I hope I can go there this spring when I'm in Garland. I heard he got stabbed by someone in AKG a long time ago.

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Guest sodapop7

the fame whores car is a show stopper...


great post for a great writer and all around ''grade a ''gent...sace,vizie,poser..m.a.y.h.e.m. y'heard???

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...In case you didn't already know (I am guessing you don't)


Originally posted by blahblahblah

hard to imagine someone would take a small amount of time to have their trains run alittle bit longer isn't it?harharharharhar




As much as alot of writers love painting trains, they still have alot of respect for the workers in the train/freight industry. Therefore....they don't paint over the stamps. Geeee...thats real hard to imagine.

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