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How you wipin?


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Yeah, you read that right. I don’t know what made this pop into my head but a few years ago my homie was yellin at his son for wiping his ass wrong. And he ended the yellin with ‘and I’ve done told you bout this before!’ I don’t have any kids and I thought this was weak as fuck so naturally I had to ask “What did you tell him before?”


My man said “I don’t like it when they cock their booty to the side to wipe. That shit gay as hell!” I almost died laughing cuz for real I was like ‘Is there another way to wipe your ass?’ He wasn’t laughing with me, though. So I asked him and he said 



“You just stand up, spread your legs a little and get busy!”






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Your homie’s a fucking weirdo. You should definitely let him know that this is the exact reason you can’t fuck with him nomore . Maybe let his kid know that he’s wiping his ass the correct way and that his pops is a fucking weirdo, so try not to let pops watch you wipe your ass anymore. Which, by the way, is weird as fuck in and of itself. Poor kid. 🤦

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10 hours ago, DRUNKEN-ASSHOLE-ONER said:

You’s a dirty ass! One or two wipes??? The fuck??? Are you dead ass??? There’s probably shit stains on all your drawls. 🤣


You'll know when it doesn't work out when I stop posting, my wife would murk me if she had to clean a shit stain. If I eat like shit sometimes I'll go through multiple wet wipes.

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10 hours ago, Schnitzel said:

hope you aint putting wet wipes in the toilet @Mercer


causes all manner of issues in the sewers





They make wipes that are just for flushing. Not to be mistaken with the type of wipes you clean your balls off with after making cream pies.








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