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You motherfuckers gotta keep me entertained for the next month.


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If you are bored with dogs or cats, look into gettin a wolf, seriously. 

I have had two wolfs that I found when they were about 1 years old by my estimation. I have had them in the house for awhile now and they are about sixty percent domesticated at this point and are not yet fully grown. The other day, some jehovah's witnesses had come in the front door cause i never lock it and they got jumped on and would've got consumed like a muthafucka but i came in with the taser and took care of business. But in thirty seconds, they had stripped half the clothes off both them. I won't lie, it is an uphill battle, but you have to let them know that you are the alpha male and that you won't take shyt from them. This isn't hard for me because I can box and could've gone pro, with knockout power in both hands. 

They in general know that I am the leader but the other day, i was on xbox and one of them was howling and i told him to shut the fuck up and he came from behind and bit down on my shoulder. That is the sort of thing you just have to have patience for when training them, but when I walk mine, dogs won't even look them or me in the eye, serious. And one time, when I had them up at my grandma's house, a mastiff ran up and the smaller wolf, Tae-Bo, fucked his ass up and that was a full-grown bigass dog and i had to beat his ass with a leather cowboy boot to get him to stop. But that's the kind of aggression you want them to have so they will protect you and your family. So all in all, I would say that if you are looking for something exotic that will take a bit more work, but will pay off in dividends, look into getting a wolf or two, but you just have to let them know what the pecking order is or you might get fucked up lol

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6 minutes ago, fat ralphy said:

It is to buy her out, she is solid and let me off easy. 


Still a chunk o change. 

bro don’t get married again. Do a hood engagement like me and stretch that shit out for like 13 years.

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