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Let's Go Brandon!


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7 hours ago, abrasivesaint said:

What the fuck is happening, and why should i care? I will check back. I will not be googling this. 


There's a chant at sporting events, usually at baseball games where people say "Let's go __________" (usually a two syllable team name, or player's name) followed by five claps, and repeat. People have repurposed this chant to say "Fuck Joe Biden!, clap clap, clap clap clap".


So there was a Nascarr event, and the drunken Trumper's there were doing the "Fuck Joe Biden" chant after a driver named Brandon won the race, and was being interviewed. The reporter interviewing him said "you can hear the chants from the crowd, "let's go Brandon"" as the audio would clearly be unusable if people knew what the chant was. Problem is, they were chanting so loud, the audio is clear, and so her improvisation became a meme. 



In the time before Obama, and the birtherism movement that defined the politics new right wing, this type of shit would have never flown. The same people chanting "Fuck Joe Biden" would be offended by the lack of patriotism, and use of foul language because "kids and women were present". These days, as a response to the left's lack of morals/respect, they've intentionally degenerated far below their own supposed morals. Not that I disagree with them, because fuck all politicians, especially Biden, but I find it hilarious. I want that Nascar logo shirt that says "Let's go Brandon" for myself. The end of the empire is very close, I just want to keep a few memento's of it, and to enjoy the societal degeneration while it lasts.

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4 hours ago, Hua Guofang said:

@Mercer When the mighty fall, they are often ripped apart by their enemies so that they can never rise again. Be careful what you wish for. 


This statement makes absolutely no sense to someone like me, who's not content with "slightly less evil".


It's like choosing a favorite pubic louse.

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31 minutes ago, Dark_Knight said:

Arguing political views is pretty delusional to begin with.


So why are you reading through the political opinions section then, then commenting when someone posts an opinion you don't like. 


31 minutes ago, Dark_Knight said:

There is zero things you can do to alter anything in motion.


This is like when the dumb kid asks the teacher if this math lesson will be useful IRL. Probably not going to help the dumb kid, but for the smarter kids that are paying attention, it will matter. You might be fooled into believing you're inconsequential, and if that's the case, you are, but there are others out here that can, and will intentionally shape society.


31 minutes ago, Dark_Knight said:

No matter what you do even if you dedicated your life to it as a sole purpose of living. It’s fun to argue when bored tho.

Stop pretending you don't have opinions, and you're just "having fun because I'm bored lol" you're clearly a centrist.

You just don't have the attention span, or intelligence to articulate an actual argument, or opinion.

Edited by Mercer
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I have opinions but don’t care either way lol. Doesn’t matter. Analogy of math is poor. Because the kids who utilized the math in life are a very small percent. Just like career politicians. Neither of which are really making an impact on anything. If I cared I would engage beyond surface level but it doesn’t matter. Whether you want to believe it or not. It doesn’t matter. Nothing you believe matters. The world will always unfold the way it does. If you make a significant change in this country I will be the first to say I was wrong. Until then my statement is reality.

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10 minutes ago, Dark_Knight said:

It’s ok to accept how meaningless we all are in the world. Life is still fun.

Virginia’s doing an election thing today. Soon we will find out if we are going to lose more of our hard earned money or our personal autonomy. And the people of this state are begging for it.

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