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tools i didnt know i needed in my car until shit hit the fan


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6 minutes ago, Kults said:

A shovel and tire ramps 







that's a good idea

i don't usually get caught in the snow but tire chains and ramps are pretty good


my friend carries huge jugs of water in his trunk and I'm starting to do that also

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Gallon of water that’s off limits except emergency (car overheat, human dehydration, wound care)


substantial first aid kit (scissors for cutting through clothes, tourniquets) nice lil project to build yourself over a few trips to pharmacy. Doubles and camping or hiking first aid kit. 


fix-a-flat (only worst case scenario, ruins TPMS)


rope (tie shit to roof, secure rear hatch or trunk if you’re hauling something that’s hanging out)


toilet paper, trash bags, zip ties, duct tape, cloth/leather gloves (mechanix), blanket, towel, jacket, umbrella, hat, small flashlight, pocket knife. (space blanket another option) - take up minimal space but are completely useful. 


my car only came with a small air compressor for dealing with flats.





Immediately said fuck this shit and bought a full spare kit 




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The cigarette lighter powered tire pumps are pretty clutch but you need to be sure to not overheat them; read the manual and respect the maximum run time or you will smoke the motor.


Jumper cables; also important to read the cars manual before use, it is not like the old days of positive to positive, negative to negative, you have to follow the jump points on the receiving car or the computer will prevent starting.


A funnel for oil and impromptu butt pissing.


A few rags, a roll of shop towels, a socket set, a moving blanket and some straps.


Someday soon I will upgrade from milk crate to toolbox for the car stash. 

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7 minutes ago, LUGR said:

@glorydaysWhat are the hard learned lessons you experienced to never take the pry bar and bolt cutters out of your trunk?


I have experienced shit like cables and wires wrapping around my axles when i was younger


the pry bar is to open car doors or break windows


and having breaching tools on my backpack has gotten me out of getting arrested more than once in my life

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