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Guest fr8lover

classes are cancelled...music is on!

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Guest fr8lover

6-12 more inches tonight!


daft punk "face to face" rawest sampling!

death cab for cutie "debate exposes doubt"

dj honda / jeru "el presidente"

boards of canada "roygbiv"

pavement "grounded"

cornelius "star fruits surf rider"

the anniversary "alright for now"

grade "little satisfactions"

further seems forever "the bradley"

dj krush / mos def "light"

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Guest sodapop7

it's like 70 degrees out in jersey


oh well no paint/no car so......

at the drive in.transatlantic foe

ultramagnetic mc's.2 brothers with checks

son of sam.stray

cursive.the great decay

hot water music.southwest first

death cab for cutie.fake frowns

umcs.one to grow on

the faint.in concert

reggie and the full effect.thank you for stayin'

zero zero.true zero

at the drive in.ticklish


glasseater.7 years bad luck

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Originally posted by theirongiant

dude, i'm in the mountains of the south and it's still 70 degrees in fucking january? what the shit is that..


that shits gooooood......//......i wish i was there......///.............

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