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RIP yinz n’at


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12 minutes ago, NightmareOnElmStreet said:

That tribute show looked so awesome. Dude had a lifetime of amazing artwork stashed it seems. 

100%. His output was ridiculous. We look forward to showing more of his pieces in the near future! Not only did he have zines, prints and original peices stashed he also has 20+ flik books and maybe 40 black books from over the years. Going to be working on archiving all this with his friends. So glad to see new posts in this thread, thanks so much!!

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On 9/5/2022 at 12:11 AM, nicklesndimes said:

i will see how it's looking again soon and report back...

reporting back here! as promised, this is the mail pouch tobacco barn that i mentioned a couple months back. had to wait for the leaves to fall, making it visible from the road again. interesting thought i realized, the fully grown trees probably grew around the barn sign that's how old it is...


anyway, glad to share it. knew it was a cool old thing but never thought to look into it. so never knew that much about it other than that.


flicks taken just today. got a few angles for the heck of it. enjoy:)DSC04823.thumb.JPG.08c783ed09fad47b686b7d3b75710a28.JPG



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Thanks so much for sharing the photos! He loved all the Mail Pouch stuff so much. 


We are in the process of moving forward with his foundation - Danny Devine Studio. We have a website up and will be adding his artwork and posting all news and information about the foundation: www.DannyDevineStudio.com.


Thanks again!

Sean Devine

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