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Ewok One DramaRama

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Ewok One, *****I name dropped someone here********, has been creating hate filled videos bashing other writers and then blocking those writers so they can’t see the trash he is posting on Instagram about them. 
Being a graffiti writer, I feel he should be down to battle it out rather than hiding in his artificial reality playing the internet thug game. 
I guess Mare and Museum of Graffiti let him hit the wall outside so now he’s to good for actual graffiti writing? 
Has anyone on this forum kept up with the shit he’s saying about Cope2 and now Mines? Cope is the one who put that mofo on to begin with! Anyone on here from NY, def think about raggin this dude anytime you see his work, I know I am.


******I had a hashtag for twitter here********


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@natwight- no name dropping and no self promotion.  Additionally, because of your bad attitude towards the leadership team, you're on a moderation queue.... where we will review what you've said and decide if it's appropriate to share with everyone.


It'd be smart AND wise for you to not waste your own time coming on here to:


  • dry snitch on people (narcing is generally frowned upon.  If you have an issue with someone then handle it, don't try to make your problem everyone else's problem.  Enjoy oppressing yourself with your victimhood.)
  • tell us about how you're race (we don't care, nobody cares, at all.... so stop wearing it on your sleeve).
  • insult the leadership team (not a good look for someone w/ less than 10 posts that came on here with the goal of narc'ing).


Whatever good idea you're having right now about how you can still have your last word is dumb.  Think of this like chess and we're already many steps ahead.

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