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2020 Edition - Best Mobile Apps Thread

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So been a while since we discussed apps and though I think at least a few of us are talking about ditching smart phones, you cant deny how useful they can sometimes be. So with that in mind, I figured we'd kick off a thread and swap recommendations for extra great apps. I have an iPhone, but seems most are available on both platforms. A few that are notable in my view and used very often...


Photoshop Express Photo Editor - https://apps.apple.com/us/app/photoshop-express-photo-editor/id331975235

There's a ton of photo apps available, but this one is the very best in my opinion. It has a robust feature set without being overwhelming and definitely builds on all the knowledge Adobe has on quality processing and algorithms for photo editing. Occasionally I'll try a new one, but this one has been my go to for a while now.


Evernote - https://apps.apple.com/us/app/evernote-notes-organizer/id281796108

A pretty great cloud based organizer. They just got a big software update that made a really good app, almost perfect in my view. My impression with the new one was that iOS apps, at least some of them, really are closing the gap between desktop and mobile. This one doesn't have any of that feeling of it being a 'lite' version of the real thing. Also, awesome how well it syncs to other devices, but I guess most apps do these days.


Signal Messenger - https://apps.apple.com/us/app/signal-private-messenger/id874139669

Not perfect, but to my knowledge its the most secure messenger on either mobile OS. Has a solid desktop counterpart that syncs and seems to have all you'd expect in a messenger platform... Text, voice, photo share, etc. Anyhow, there's nothing special about the interface and its no slicker than anything else out there, but deserves a mention for the security conscious.


Beyond that, I'm looking for a replacement for Wunderlist if anyone knows anything. Wunderlist was a simple, yet sophisticated to do list organizer that had a cool feature of being collaborative in that you could assign to do's to other people and even communicate within the task in a simple threaded conversation that was within each task. Was super freakin awesome and for whatever reason was also free. Then Microsoft bought them and ruined things. Anyhow, would love a new to do / organizer app that ideally allows for what I'm describing (assigning tasks to others and communicating).


That's what I got for now. Curious what apps you guys are really digging and why. Please include links and if relevant, screen grabs or whatever.

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7 hours ago, Deine Mudder said:



sky view lite


stargazing app


..with some really neat features like an augmented reality mode that blends your camera's view with a HUD 


really quite powerful and customizable even in the free version..







 I have been looking for a new one of these. I had a great one but the app doesn’t exist anymore. Thank you. 

ps. It’s awesome 

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7 hours ago, Schnitzel said:

Who's got one for a slideshow/ making video out of photos animator type thing?

I used to use an app called picflow but it got ditched from app store so any suggestions. Strangely doesn't seem to be anything good to replace it.



Try Splice. Pretty powerful for an editor on your phone. Have used it to make little Insta videos, slideshows etc...

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