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Starting a brand....yea yea yea I know

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My artist is also working with me on a skateboard graphic


this shit is so fun...inkscape allows me to fuck with the shape and size of the letters of any font i use


I'll be going through sk8factory and the decks i order will be very limited in quantitiy


I'm gonna do the pricing at 10 decks for 250

They're made in the US and they said they will print for me


Damn, this is gonna take longer than i thought

reason being is that my artist is about quality and he takes his time with the artwork which i REALLY appreciate


But fuck all that, it's gonna be worth the weight



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I think i found the ONE


This tee has the proportions i want and i dont have to fuck with the sizing

I'm going with white only tees since i want to test drive this thing before fully going into redline


What i like about this tee is that it is relatively cheap, made in the US, and has the height to width ratio that I'm looking for without having to go with champion







Us Blanks US3210 Mens Vintage Fit Heavyweight Cotton T-Shirt


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7 minutes ago, mr.yuck said:

This is dope man. For a minute I thought your pricing was 250 per deck. I was like slow down gangster. That seems mighty high. Lol



I want these decks to be skated

i want them to be a convo started at skate parks


i'm thinking 55-60 a deck

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54 minutes ago, LUGR said:

@glorydaysComfort Colors are great quality. I have 3 or 4 of them and the L is the best fitting shirt I have owned. I normally wear XL in Gilden.


Comfort Colors was a top contender for me. the only turn off is that it's made in hoduras


US Blanks is very promising cuz it has the cut of the Champion tees i wear at home, and US blanks are made here in the US (obviously)


I'm looking for a boxy cut tee, that's all


It follows (and i hate to say this) the trend today of over-sized shit, which i like.

So any customers looking for a genuine theme on a shape tee shirt they are looking for? I know they're gonna pay for it

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8 minutes ago, mr.yuck said:

You sound like you are on a mission brother. Im really interested to see how all of this turns out.


I have a feeling that if i stick to it something is gonna happen


I have a clear theme and identity that i want my brand to have


basically merch for a non-existant retirement home LMAO


I'm asking @cruzxctrlif he would be able to do a look book shoot when the time comes

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