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5 hours ago, ndv said:



Whats interesting is that I have two cell phones. 1 personal, which I never give out the number or use it for store purchases etc.  

2 business, and I give that number out over the internet when buying stuff and what not.  


So basically I get a lot of spam calls on my business.   Next to zero on my personal. 


But what I have also noticed is that I began to turn off my business phone around 6pm - 7am mon thru fri and turn it off again fri 6pm - mon 7am.  


What i immediately noticed by doing this after a few weeks, is the spam calls were less.   I am not sure if the phone being off and no chance of ringing, it makes the auto dialer system think its a bad number or disconnected line?  


Idk 🤷‍♂️  but it does help. 

That is certainly plausible that your phone ringing vs. never connecting to ring at all is a different version of the same scenario i described before.  They could mark down which numbers ring as "they're just busy, we will try again later" vs. "this number didn't ring at all and isn't a phone number that we should waste time trying to connect to."


Another thing to consider is that like many other types of black markets/scam type crap, it many times happens in waves.  Malware usually hits the internet in waves.  I think phone spam campaigns are carried out when they collect enough fake accounts on a VOIP provider through acquiring enough stolen CC's to buy the VOIP accounts.

AS in, doing the spamming costs money, whether it's out of pocket because a spammer is paying out of his own pocket, or if it's by using other peoples' stolen credit cards to pay for voip services.


A REALLY rudimentary example of the same is liquor store robbers use stolen trucks to run through the glass and empty the racks.  So, the point is, before you can "rob a liquor store/run a spam campain" you have to "steal a truck/steal a shit load of credit cards."


You feel me fam?

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