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So as some of you every day die hards have noticed, we've had a bunch of technical issues between yesterday and today. We had to do a few server upgrades, but more so, we had to do a major forum software update. That, in turn, forced a bunch of updates to the forum theme files so I had to go through all of that and revert a bunch of stuff, as well as rework a bunch of customizations into the new themes. 


Anyhow, all of that is a long ass way of saying that we're working to improve the experience on 12oz. I'll try and loop back to update the New Forum - Features worth checking out, tips and tricks thread when I have a minute and honestly really wanted to put together a tutorials section to help the new kids on here. Also, planning to eventually getting around to putting together a community rules, as well as a debate guidelines for the News section or wherever we decide to have intelligent discussion.


For now, feel free to poke around and drop me a DM if you see something fucked up (include a summary and screen grab). I'm still refining the theme, but does already feel slightly slicker than the last version.



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Yo, so I was 5 hours late to work today because the forum clock was broken, please fix it.

Nope. Will look like the Las Vegas strip if I let you guys start animating that stuff.

Shout out to @Dirty_habiTfor once again doing the heavy lifting with all the technical shit. We all owe him a bunch of beers.

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So you guys might be noticing images disappearing... We changed how data storage for attachments / uploads are being handled and its migrating everything to a new location. Until its done, there's going to be some weirdness, but we're working on it.

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