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Break Loot Murder

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Libor Jany from the Star Tribune doesn't know who "Umbrella Man" (sound like 5 year olds calling him that btw) is.  Why would they publish information and pass it off as if it were true?  For shock value, that's why.  I've got a tip for people like that.  If you don't know what you're talking about or you feel like you're going to say some stupid shit, just don't say anything.  I know it's super hard for a personality like this but it's probably some of the best advice they could follow.   Next.


Before she lied to everyone about something she had no clue about..... she should have thought to herself:


  • does what I want to say need to be said?
  • does what I want to say need to be said by me?
  • does what I want to say need to be said by me right now?

She should have shut the fuck up if her idea didn't pass that very easy litmus test designed to prevent you from saying stupid shit.


Good luck out there fucko "journalists".

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10 hours ago, abrasivesaint said:

What’s your point here? 

I'll help you to understand.  We gotta stop thinking about BLM as anything other than the terrorist organization that they are.  They're hurting black people.... so for that, fuck em.  They're comprised of very confused individuals and I feel sorry for those that have it inside them to be good people that were gullible enough to follow the pack mentality.


For that, we are calling BLM Break Loot Murder moving forward.  That's the most prolific activity they've displayed being capable of.  I haven't heard about anything good they've done.  Not one thing.


I'm from Texas and I love America.  There is no better country to live in in the world.  Period, the end and I encourage anyone that thinks some other place is better, to go there and take your negativity with you.  Stop dicking up this nice place we LIKE to call home.


Shit where YOU sleep, not where I sleep.  There are heavy consequences for trying to shit where I sleep.

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