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outerwear: wants and already haves


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I always bought palace outerwear, not because I particularly like palace, but they come out with some fire ass pieces.


they always use materials, fabrics, and textiles that are so fucking interesting


british millerain harrington jacket


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30 minutes ago, Kults said:

you can get a full on Mountain GTX 90 for

less than that Palace shell. Lining > Branding 


it is nice though 


remember the one they released for the ny store opening? that one was 🔥 









Piece was fire af and very rare

But again...its just a shell tho

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Again with the palace

Gore isnt the only material they use for water proof outerwear

This piece is by majo tech, which is purely a "plastic" material with a nylon outer.


majo tech is an italian company and usually provides material and fabric to stone island.

its just a shell and literally feels like cling wrap but light as fuuuuck.

it's not like the feeling of gore on skin...it feels a little better if that makes sense, especially with tech base layers.


Palace Das A Wrap Jacket




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Reigning Champ is one of my most favorite brands to wear

the tech is amazing, the fit is amazing, and it just looks fucking rad

i do consider this "outerwear" because once you start moving while wearing this set, for some reason it gets very warm.


This material is not waterproof, but water resistant and quick drying.

and again, when wearing and moving it gets warm.

the 3m strip is just fucking icing on the cake


edit: apparently, the nylon is woven extremely tight, which keeps in body heat and wicks water better


Reigning Champ PRT military pack



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Just now, Kults said:

you got lots of great stuff 👌🏻


gets too cold up here to wear shells more than 2-3 months a year or I’d buy a lot more of them 


you can wear em but gotta layer up heavy and eventually it gets cumbersome to have 3+ layers on the cold days 

i am OBSESSED with performance material lmao


its like, i dont know, i NEEED to get that jacket or i NEEEED to get that track suit


i kind of moved my obsession for Jordans to clothing

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