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graff writers - how do you pregame before a mission

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Man I get my bandana in my backpocket so I can rep the sett sometimes I wrap it around my face. I wear a mask sometimes. I wear baggy clothes wake up early to get my brain functioning hard and sometimes smoke and get hi even if it's just a lil bit high

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12ozprophet or 12ozsouls some shit made up I don't wanna get too hard in gangbanging so I'd just rep the shit u can get away with with technique like homemade shit I like the ending word souls I think that is a hard ass name tbh

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My pieces are always done in mornings so my pregame is a bit different.

 drop kids to school.

 pick up the homie

 sit swearing in traffic while monitors the trackers and watches our chances decrease.

Pull up to spot quick check one side then down the next road to check other.

 hit the bigbox carpark to hide the car.

split up and walk in separate ways.


sit swearing in traffic while we race the train for flicks

drop homie off

 off to work.

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On 9/8/2020 at 12:51 AM, glorydays said:

i was hoping for funny drug writing stories LMAO

Seeing my friends teetering on the edge of paranoia is hilarious when I look back.

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if im driving to the spot, im sober/under the legal alcohol limit.

if im walking/ riding a bike it can be any amount of beers/weed ranging from 0 to infinite. 

i try to avoid painting too intoxicated because theres some level of paranoia waking up the next day hungover, realising I caught hella tags while absolutely shitfaced and wondering "fuck ,did I even look over my shoulder before doing half of those" or worrying about CCTV and my face showing up on TV because I was a dumbass. but its fun at the time lol.  same deal with benzos except that shit probably removes even more of your inhibitions... i misspelled my own world while on bars once. no dice.


catching a little bit of wreck on coke is alright but same class as alcohol/benzos... anything that can remove most of your inhbiiton is not good in graff... sometimes you need to be able to trust that gut feeling to NOT go for something. im also too poor for coke.


small amount of weed and a chill beer is golden at a chill day spot... nothing better than soft spring sunshine shining on the wall, cold beer or two, maybe a doob or some nicotine before/during, taking your sweet as motherfuckin time without a care in the world. while I love smoking weed at home, with painting it can be hit or miss . generally it either makes me too zoned in on my piece (not aware of my surroundings), or hyper-aware of my surroundings (too paranoid). at night time I often mistake trees in the wind for moving people, get confused if its  a flash light or a street light etc. so for night missions its no good. although that post-night mission smoke is up there as one of the best drug vibes, and a light smoke is pretty chill most of the time. I dont understand the types of writers that can be chainsmoking bongs all evening, punch a bong  RIGHT before they head out and thats the norm for them... choof heads. theyre usually the nicest blokes in the bunch though lol.

i imagine stimulants like mdma would be good to paint on. meth must be great to paint on, as evidenced by many prolific writers in my country. i have little interest in doing that seeing the harm it causes to people and their lives. dont do meth. 


you need to be an extreme cooker to paint on psychedlics- i caught some tags on mushrooms once and they were unlike anything ive ever done before... was mad fun but not practical lol. 

modafinil is a great stimulant- similar to being geeked on caffeine without the shakiness... makes you very awake and alert without being scatty or intoxicated.

phenibut is like the best parts of alcohol/benzos withot the intoxicated effects. i recommend if you DONT have problems with benzos.alcohol (can be very addicitive). sadly it used to be legal (grey area) in my country and now it is certainly not. 


tldr; chill beers gets you to a sick level. lil bit of weed at the day spot never goes astray either. real kings paint sober though. graffiti is addicting enough, its stupid to develop a substance abuse problem SO you can paint. catching tags after a party or night out is often my favourite part of the whole night though lol. im that dude who's non-writer friends don't understand why I opt to walk 45-60min home instead of just paying $10 for an uber





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You said "my country" , what country are you from? I have written in the us and mexico in mexico city at a concert tagged my name scream in a couple hand styles and painted ghost on a container like a dump storage container.

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