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Major Twitter Hack Today


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Here's some indication:






The defrauded bitcoin amassed during Wednesday’s monumental Twitter hack is already “on the move,” according to cryptocurrency tracing firm Chainalysis.

  • Chainalysis told CoinDesk it is monitoring four wallets associated with the attack.
  • The most prevalent address received $120,000 in bitcoin from 375 transactions. Secondary addresses received $6,700 in bitcoin from 100 transactions. An XRP wallet netted nothing.
  • So far, a wallet whose associations are not yet known has received 5 bitcoin ($46,055) in total. “We are collaborating with our customers to find leads from this wallet,” Chainalysis spokesperson Maddie Kennedy said.
  • Part of the scam relied on hackers churning their own crypto between wallets to inflate the number of people who appeared to be chipping in, according to Chainalysis. The firm called the tactic “unsurprising.”
  • A Japanese wallet that sent scammers $40,000 in bitcoin appears to have been the single largest victim of the still-unexplained hack. International exchanges were generally the source of victims’ bitcoin, Chainalysis said.
  • No BTC has been cashed out to fiat just yet, the crypto-sleuthing firm added.
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Holy shit. Thats a turn I didn’t expect. I figured red the hackers used a Pw cracker 


Used to be able to run those on aol and aim. Basically a giant file with every word in English, common foreign language words, every numerical combination up to like 5 or 6 digits, and common combinations like abc123 or a1b2c3. The cracker was a program to run that giant file through aol & aim login screens. It’s would filter thru all those entries. The guys doing this would then use all those aol logins to phish, spam or sell the elite ones “grey fox” , “Sony”, “snypa”, “turban” and just common names like Adam. etc etc



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