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Do you piss in the sink?


Do you piss in the sink, ever?  

17 members have voted

  1. 1. Sink pisser

    • Yes
    • No
    • Boogie hands

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actually come to think of it there is a family that lives in an upstairs apartment with a window above the alley behind my place....


they don't seem to be doing it anymore at the moment(thank goodness..), but on my walks i was spotting 16oz pop and water bottles with urine in them with the lid on in the brush along the walk right beneath their upstairs window.


i seriously can't stand people around here. shit is disgusting.

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I used to have a thing for pissing outdoors, and still do, just not on a regular daily occasion. When I would get to the yard, or the spot to do a piece back when I used to paint I'd usually have piss there like a dog or something to get comfortable. I still get that same urge to piss exploring/finding cool abandoned places, or even making it to the top of a mountain on a hike. I've got pretty good bladder control these days since abandoning sodas and sugary drinks and it's like a twice a month thing tops considering I live in a city.

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Back in 2012 when I was living in my friend's mom's basement, I definitely pissed in the sink. Fuck walking upstairs in the middle of the night when I was half drunk.


It has been years since I have pissed in a proper sink. I do, however, still piss in the shower, daily. No matter how much class I gain in my lifetime, I can assure you that I will forever be a shower pisser.

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1 hour ago, NightmareOnElmStreet said:

This happens to me at drive thru"s all the time. It's straight up embarrassing. Like why in the fuck do I let this fast food employee with a head set rush me around...?

Haha. Man, I hate that shit. I go blank when I have to order my wifes food and her order is all complicated and shit and is almost guaranteed to get our shit spit in. 

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