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Here is an invitation to debate the Streets in the world of today, the world of COVID19, BLM, Extinction Rebellion and more to come.

Is never too much to give emphasis to the fact that we live in particular times, massive changes in the streets are occurring, and the ongoing changes concern us all.

The basics of civic education are grounded on advises such as: be creative not destructive, open to dialogue and do not impose actions without reflection. But unfortunately that's not always real and not what it's promoted by radical people and politicians.

Streets are the places where common values gather, and by incredible that can seem, there is an international scientific community dedicated to this “phenomenon”, the researchers call it Urban Creativity*.

We are all experts in our streets, both the bricks and the people are part of ourselves, whether we like it or not. As experts we have the “responsibility” to act and share your insight to the open debate that occurs everyday in your street.

The Urban Creativity researchers have a strong link and deep knowledge about street based creative practices.

For an harmonious development they advise (with scientific grounds), to give space and respect public health, at the same time you express yourself, make things happen and contribute for the common benefit of your shared corner of the world, your street.

* 9 to 11 July 2020 will be the dates of one more Urban Creativity debate/ conference, this time online, not in Lisbon (Portugal) as usual. Program available on Urbancreativity.org.


Program direct link - https://www.urbancreativity.org/conference2020-786060.html

Attached Photo by Jim Prigoff, Oakland, May 2020

Jim is 92 years old, co author of Spraycan ART,
pioneer of mural and graffiti photography, one of our keynotes.


Executive commission

Keep updated
Newsletter / FB page / Instagram.


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Urban creativity as in rip a statue from its foundation because its the cool white middle upper-class  thing to do right now?

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2 minutes ago, urbancreativity said:

@where war destroys, creativity ... well creates.


 it’s easy to destroy it is much harder to build something! 

Doing the hard things aren’t easy that’s why they are hard otherwise they would be easy and not hard but easy.

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there are creative actions that use destruction as expressive medium.


you know... nothing is new, everything is change... you need to transform in order to create.


part of the transformation can be seen as destruction, but the other part is creation.


So if it gets hard, and it can destroy that’s good right ? The secret of creation is on the “with ease” part.

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