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Rip LilStCynical


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Ima tell each and everyone of you assholes right now. You weigh a lot in my life.  
call it flattering 

call it pathetic 



you need to know you’re loved and randomly thought of throughout the day.  Roughly 1pm 😉 

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* also non assholes.
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Remember the TC days, the height of the recession coincided with the height of my online socializing, I remember her coming into the room and chatting it up.


Hope her friends and family are able to navigate their loss as well as can be done. 

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On 6/24/2020 at 7:59 PM, Magnum OPiss said:

Bruh. I just heard. This is shitty. She was always chill af. And showed everyone kindness in her rude sort of way. RIP. Shout out rooftop party at her spot many years ago.


I can't remember if this was the same day everyone met up at Dolores Park on 4/20? I was at Dolores, but didn't make it to the rooftop. IOU and two others ended up in Oakland a few days later at a small party my neighbor was throwing.

Fun fact, I was stupid high when my, now wife, girlfriend told me she was pregnant on BART on the way to the Dolores hang out. We were there for like 30 minutes and bugged out because neither of us knew how to react to social settings while that information was freshly sitting in our heads. It was an appropriately awkward way to meet all the people I had been interacting with through here for years.

So crazy to look at this group of humans... has anyone ended up hearing from Shai? Last time I saw him in person was 2008, but we kept in touch for a while. Hope he's not necessary to add to this list.

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