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45 minutes ago, One Man Banned said:

Cool idea in theory.  But consider that some of the people who made those zines may not be thrilled to see someone print/distribute them without their permission.  Also, zines come under ephemera IMO, stuff that would deteriorate and decay if some people didn't have the love to preserve them.  Some zines are collectors items and people are not going to want to send them to you.  There may be a few zines that people have scanned and made available online, feel like I've seen some before but will defer to @Schnitzel as the current zine authority.

No doubt, I'm definitely under the complete mercy of the original creators of those zines, and the people who would want to sell/what have you as well. Just figured I'd push it out there, at least for a digital preservation aspects. 



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Nice.  I supplied flix for most of those issues.  Wouldn't mind seeing more of the one you posted (foetoe graff?) and the City Slickers.

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On 2/25/2021 at 12:15 AM, batteryxcage said:

Hey all,


I've been perusing this forum since I was young, but never had much to contribute until potentially now. 


Being big into punk and whatnot, there's been a massive wealth of older publications and zines from all eras preserved online, and I think these days that shit's important to be able to step back into these time capsules essentially and see how things were in previous generations. But, I've really been realizing how little the graffiti zine culture is present digitally, at least to my findings.


Anyways, I'd like to put it out there that I work in photocopy, and have access to really nice printers and scanning equipment. I'd love to really start collecting older OUT OF PRINT zines (xerox preferred, but would do the real "official" looking if applicable.") and scan them in high resolution, and present them via a shared google drive, or print and mail them all at cost. 


If anyone is interested at all, hit my line, or if you know some places besides the online book sites, let me know. Thanks.


It's a cool idea and and I commend you on it.

Maybe hunt through Issuu because I'm not sure where to find them really. 


As @One Man Bannedsaid graff zines are becoming kind of collectable. Old xerox era zines are routinely going for 30-40 euro each and things like old IGT mags even more than that. It would be a rare collector (graff nerd like me) who would send stuff away so it can be scanned and mass distributed.


The producers of the zines are also unlikely to be impressed at having what they made years ago distributed for a fee (that will likely be higher than they sold the zines originally for).

I have scanned two zines but the only people I'm giving them to are the original producers.

In both cases I had a zine that they no longer had copies of. They can do as they see fit with the PDF's.




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Been a while but yesterday the postman brought this bad boy to me.


An archive of the golden years of the Amsterdam system.IMG_5900.thumb.jpg.de765247d00bb244cd3cd43983de1fae.jpg








fucking love this beat53 panel - it was on the front of On the run issue 3





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