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Official Zine Thread


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So I checked all over and even posted an inquiry about whether there was a thread for this subject or not and found nothing. This is for flexing your zine collection from over the years, especially the real good stuff from back in the day(but all zines are welcome..). They really don't make zines like they used to, and they have faded in popularity quite a bit it seems. So if you have any gems, feel free to get the nostalgia going.


So here it is, contributions welcome. If it's a popular thread, that's cool...if it doesn't get many post that's ok, too.







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this next post has to be one of my favorite(and first ever owned) zines ever. one of the first things i ever bought online if memory is correct. this zine was called "X-2 Project" & just had 3 issues back in around late 90's/Y2K.


they really do not make them like they used to.....






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here's a couple of oldies.


 bit annoyed the underground productions mag is one that I already own but in the process of buying off the guy in Holland I got the numbers confused and bought wrong issue.


true colorz zine cover always stokes me out. Imagine seeing that roll up in front of you!IMG_3912.thumb.JPG.0949c5bc5635d9f33dd0d8cbac1dd372.JPG


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Will post some.  If nothing else, gives me a chance to take stock of what I have.  Useless fact- if you read a U. S. graf mag from the mag era you were probably looking at my contributions, sometimes 20-30 pix in an issue.  Same could be said for a couple foreign mags.  Stuff I dug up for now.......



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