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Hyperart Thomasson - Akasegawa Genpei 


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I learned about this yesterday on a podcast and started digging. Never heard of this term before but was vaguely familiar with the idea and have seen photos of stairways leading to walls, doors leading to nothing and maintained objects that serve no real purpose (hand rail where there are no stairs from skating days).


Going to be posting what I find in the wild and anything especially interesting I stumble upon online. 





About —


Thomasson or Hyperart Thomasson (Japanese: Tomason トマソン or Chōgeijutsu Tomason 超芸術トマソン) is a type of conceptual art named by the Japanese artist Akasegawa Genpei in the 1980s. It refers to a useless relic or structure that has been preserved as part of a building or the built environment, which has become a piece of art in itself. These objects, although having the appearance of pieces of conceptual art, were not created to be viewed as such. Akasegawa deemed them even more art-like than art itself, and named them "hyperart." In recent years there has been a resurgence of interest in Thomasson, especially since the publication of Akasegawa's work on the subject in English in 2010.

Origin of the term —


The term Thomasson comes from the professional baseball player Gary Thomasson, who was signed by the Yomiuri Giants for a record-breaking sum of money, and spent his final two seasons with the team (1981–1982) coming close to setting the league strikeout record before being benched. Akasegawa viewed Thomasson's useless position on the team as a fitting analogy for "an object, part of a building, that was maintained in good condition, but with no purpose, to the point of becoming a work of art." 

In Japanese there is no differentiation between singular and plural versions of the noun Tomason, therefore in English too, Thomasson can refer to one or many of these objects. In English, the term is sometimes spelled Tomason, or Thomason.


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