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What did you ACCOMPLISH?


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11 minutes ago, Dirty_habiT said:

Forgot to mention smaller carb jets since we are taking our bikes to Colorado this June to ride in the San Juan national forest. The higher elevation means normal carb jets for sea level would run really rich. 


That's an adjustment people often overlook here, even people who live here. Like for years AKA a shorter than normal life of their recreational vehicle. Snowmobiles, UTV's, ATV's and bikes are extremely popular here as there's not a whole bunch of places it makes sense to take a boat out, and with a high number of transplants there's a high number of "It's exactly right, looked it up, not sure what's wrong with it."


I have a UTV I'm eyeballing right now. Owner accepts bitcoin, but wants too much IMO ($15,000), gave him the old TBH I'm thinking $10k, then politely backed out of going to look at it last week after he insisted the mods made it worth 15 and he can't accept anything less. Probably going to hit them up later this week with the old "let me look at it to see the mods" and try to meet in the middle. Might even go to 1400 if he's got the clutch I want already on it. 



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Went to a school fundraiser

Was told by quite an attractive serbian school mum  that I've got gorgeous ears.

Considering how religious the table I was at was I wonder if that was flirting?


 Also discovered how religious a lot of people in my area are which was an eye opener.





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Well I finally got the bus outside engine is def going back which I didn’t want to do but I can’t push this thing around. I think my next upgrade maybe winter 2022 will be like a golf cart size motor EV swap so I don’t have to deal with potential fires in the engine bay from gas leaks but I can still move it a couple hundred feet.


Anyways posted it on FB then boosted it got tons of likes shares and feedback def more quotes going out than I thought which is good.

Also picked up a vinyl cutter so we can do our menu board and all our signage and those custom acrylic signs girls are buying for all their weddings.

here’s the pics… 








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strained the honey harvest that i mentioned in the "day in pies" thread a few days ago to remove impurities and this is the result


kinda funny, the hack i found online to do this was to run it through some clean/unused pantyhose/stockings from the store and sure enough they did the trick perfectly...will do again. cheap, diy, simple.


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Got the engine back in the bus and got it running decent. Got the vinyl cutter cruising with some good settings to do our menus. Our tow truck and trailer worked ok after spending $2000 on getting my trucks frame rewelded.  I think I need to do the brakes on all of them now and the new exhaust for the tow truck wasn’t the right one for my truck it’s misfiring because there’s no exhaust on it right now. My trailer brakes aren’t even hooked up they’re just dragging a little. We made the hour long trip anyways and people went nuts for it. Girls guys old people young people asking questions getting compliments on all our hard work and on the cocktails. Felt so rewarding it was amazing. I can’t wait to start the BMW Bar Bike sidecar build now. 




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Detailed my ride.  Been overdue so wash, clay, and wax.


For all you motor heads, I decided to try this new clay called Aero, super sticky, best results I've felt so far.  Great clay.


Now just waiting for an overcast day to do the iron fallout remover and process all over again. 

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