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WEEKLY TOP 5 *Top 5 Dead Artists in Your Regular Rotation* 4/12/20

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I've been hoping AFI would come back on here and kick these off, but until he does, maybe a few of us can bring back the music conversation to Channel Zero. (Don't move this to /music @KILZ FILLZ)


To start things off, the top five artists (full bands or significant members of) you listen to on the regular that are with us no longer.






5.  Pantera--CFH, vulgar display of power, great southern trendkill, and far beyond driven get played at least monthly. 


4.  RUSH--I was blown away when the RIP Neil Pert thread got zero replies. Fuck all of you tasteless fucks. But seriously, I listen to a lot of RUSH.


3. Gangstarr--Moment of Truth is why I ever got into hip-hop at all, and One of the Best Yet did not disappoint, though some of it just felt like remixes of old stuff.


2. Ronny James Dio--I've been listening to Black Sabbath's Heaven and Hell and Dehumanizer almost weekly for the last six months. Truly superb albums.


1. Motorhead (obviously). --These dudes will forever get a ton of play from me.

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Obv Motorhead and Pantera


The Germs



The Reatards

Alice In Chains {JUST finished listening to Unplugged}


(With the Rona I guess I'm going to have to include John Prine.  The fact that he's gone makes me as sad as realizing I didn't post in the Neil Pert thread.)


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Janis Joplin 



-on steady rotation 


some people who are in earshot of  my playlists

can attest that there are at least one of their songs in each of my playlists. 



otis redding 



-make a fair amount of cameos 


I don’t think I have broad musical Knowledge  


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10 hours ago, Fist 666 said:

I was surprised when he wasn't in your first post. 

I tend to go in cycles and GG isn't steady this week.  I also wasn't sure if you meant this to go as a "post once a week" deal or what.  I have a lot of DOA bands I listen to and more than just an RIP mega-thread, folks I actually listen to on the reg can be updated frequently.  


*album recs for us plebs might go well like "What album should I start with" type thing..

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