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70's-00's MEMORIES... 12oz Personal Edition


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29 minutes ago, Fist 666 said:

You have two hearts, on the outside of your chest? Fucking weirdo.


stg I  must have read this a dozen times.  Stepped away and read a few more times 

then I fucking got it. 


I’m so disappointed in myself. 12 oz taught me better than that 

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On 4/11/2020 at 10:58 PM, misteraven said:






Some photos we did back in the AKA studio days for the Supreme Book. Mark Gonzales artwork (top) and Rammellzee (bottom). Myself and @psm026



Old AKA / 12ozProphet studio in Soho was lit. 

So supreme released a Rammellzee collection this season and @misteravenjust dropped these gems on us.

The photo tee for Rammellzee was literally a screenshot of the video interview for Supreme.


Supreme Rammellzee Tee White

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Gma let my lady and I stay here after some trouble I was in / save $ for the wedding [which was amazing] + future move . She’s overseas for pretty much the whole year these days so it’s worked out well for everyone involved . Been 2.5 years back , ready to dip !

found some gems while going through her old albums


Still got that piano , lost the cap 🧢 



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On 4/13/2020 at 10:03 AM, Drue_Down said:

see Chicago Rocks, early local Midwest zines were B&W on newsprint. Somewhere I also have Klip Art, which actually glued real photos to some pages. Wild.

I’ll post more when I find them, they’re probably buried in the garage with my old graff flicks.






was going through old magazines to sell over weekend and unearthed this one

made me think of this post @Drue_Down








pengo and sivel were dope!

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Me in the late 70s. That’s my babysitter’s wagon, my recently divorced mom had a similar one sans the faux wood grain.


My sister and I were like muppet babies, she had 10-20 kids in her house per day. It was the 70s and early 80s, no supervision, none.


We raised ourselves, we played outside, we used our imagination, some became lifelong friends; Some were molested by her son. Her other son married George Wendt’s sister, so he was a part of my childhood too. Norm!

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All good man it's one of those weird things that I have one of and don't really care about.

probably got it from a writer called Elite - ever heard of him?? he used to send me lots of newspaper clippings about chitown graff and the spraypaint ban etc.


If you speak to Bize and he wants it reach out!



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