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that is a 40 color piece under a bridge with bad handstyles around it....i couldnt tell you what it says,but im guessin it was painted without permission of bridge owner so at least its graffiti.

Sacred iz dope PERIOD, fuk internet critics & gangstaz, 90% of them nigguhz don't even paint & tha ones that do, paint like shit

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Eway is from indiana to be honest.







hmmmm who iz this anyways??? (CHARLESINCHARGE) this was done when I invited my nigguh Egor & his skwad to tha East Chicago wall. Can't be tha kats that came through with him that day talk'n shit, cuz they was koo as a fan, this nigguh here iz str8 talk'n sideways. MUL aint tha only ones that came hard in this state. u 4got Kuaze & East, str8 from tha NWI ( thats north west indiana for tha ignorant) But i'm done respond'n 2 nigguhs that come on here with FAKE names talk'n shiit............................now back to tha program

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Hey guys! I'm new here...I found this forum when I googled "where to find graffiti in NW Indiana"....I have this website that I just created and I thought maybe some of you might be willing to help me with it. NotAnotherArtCrime.com is the site, it features graf from artists all over NW Indiana and we have some from other states as well...I'm looking for places to take pictures of new artwork (not already included in the site) or for people to send in work that they've found or done. I would like to add the pictures to the gallery section of Not Another Art Crime. Of course, you would be credited with your submissions by any name you choose to go by-or you can remain annonymous. I don't want to know who did what work lol...nick names are fine...also, if you submit a picture, all I ask for is the city it was found in...I never post the specific location because I don't want to draw attention to the area...The only thing I ask is that they aren't pictures stolen from other sites...I want everything in the gallery to be original work. Anyways, I appreciate the consideration....eventually, I hope to have a writer's tattoo section and black book section...I think it could really turn out to be a neat site. You can get ahold of me through the website's e-mail at tags@notanotherartcrime.com or through my personal e-mail: butterflybetta@yahoo.com. Thanks again!!




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fuck you, Narc!


aw...not cool.


If you've looked at the site, you can see that clearly I'm not a narc...and on top of that...how could I be a nark if I left everything open ended...



if someone sends me a pic...I don't know if they DID the work or if they just found the piece and TOOK A PIC.


You can't get in trouble for taking a picture of graffiti...also


I requested that I NOT know who did the work...read what I wrote...I said you can remain annonymous or if you want credit for your work, that nick names were fine.


Anyways, I'm a 25 year old girl from the boondocks. I have two kids and go to school. I'm just a normal person.


Here's my myspace: myspace.com/butterflybetta to read anything, you'd have to add me. It's set to private...but here's my e-mail address incase you're that interested: butterflybetta@yahoo.com


You can even read my blogs.


I'm not a nark, I just appreciate good art and I'm an artist, too. I am not a writer, but I'd like to learn.


Anways, if that doesn't prove it to you, then tell me what does? Thanks, xox Carrie

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