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Originally posted by masterase85@Mar 7 2006, 01:24 PM

yeah, im not from indy, the locations are scattered. castleton, broadripple, avon, speedway, michigan st., college avenue, etc.....we made people sick with the fumes at one strip mall in indy, they were throwing up their pizza at cici's!!!!cops, paramedics and firefighters rushed the scene!!!good times!!!!



Haha... werd up. Ill tell Berlin and 6 Centsicle you said whats up. We're trying to get to the Region sometime soon... take it easy

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I found a handful of stuff from the late 90s indianapolis in a shoe box the other night.    

A lost cause maybe, but I just stumbled across some dead posts about Indiana/Lafayette In. while browsing. Of course, none of the photos are available now... Mostly interested in seeing what once was

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me and quetrzal show up at the strip mall, next door is a pizza joint named cici's so we go in and order a pizza (which by the way tasted like shit!). so we start to set up shop and paint, about 30 minutes later the crazy ass butch-dyke manager of cici's shows up at our door banging and yelling at us! talking about how her customers are sick and her employees are throwing up and she was calling the cops! so we told her to chill, we stopped painting and told her that we were just trying to do our jobs and that we would finish up after the restaurant closed.....well that wasnt good enough for her, she did call the police, the fire department and the ambulance =) so to make a long story short we decided to do a tribute to the manager at cici's by painting her a self portrait!!!!fucking bitch, we should called the paramedics on her nasty ass pizza!

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