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acerofr8-1 by napgraf, on Flickr6406045139_2da1245368.jpg

480200597_70f0adb2c4_o by napgraf, on Flickr6406044985_08785cdf51.jpg

2mcztq1 by napgraf, on Flickr6406044847_94a71ee0ae.jpg

2dkz09 by napgraf, on Flickr6406044759_722ecf1156.jpg

2db3z48 by napgraf, on Flickr6406044605_09fc8c04b5.jpg

129 by napgraf, on Flickr6406044523_1aecec7c82.jpg

1218433235 by napgraf, on Flickr6406044347_f42d80e3f9.jpg

1218433201-1 by napgraf, on Flickr6406044161_ee2f10d4ea.jpg

103_0261 by napgraf, on Flickr6406044087_dce88464e7.jpg

100_1051 by napgraf, on Flickr6406044025_8bb33f4466.jpg

100_0992 by napgraf, on Flickr6406043933_401a563341.jpg

100_0993 by napgraf, on Flickr

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100_0982 by napgraf, on Flickr6406043755_203db23264.jpg

100_0977 by napgraf, on Flickr6406043613_e21762fcf3.jpg

100_0970 by napgraf, on Flickr6406043521_9f2bcdcde1.jpg

100_0968 by napgraf, on Flickr6406043139_568dfb8084.jpg

1-25-2007-02 by napgraf, on Flickr6406042759_1d85b16968.jpg

082507_17511 by napgraf, on Flickr6406042551_3da8ea4d3c.jpg

0821091236a_0001 by napgraf, on Flickr6406042381_771dc012ff.jpg

0821091234 by napgraf, on Flickr6406042237_2d855419a2.jpg

0821091233a by napgraf, on Flickr6406042089_696477ca9d.jpg

07480024 by napgraf, on Flickr6405988083_9d41dd708b.jpg

1125111541a by napgraf, on Flickr6405987861_6bbbd69af6.jpg

1125111541 by napgraf, on Flickr6405987633_aa371ec590.jpg

1125111532 by napgraf, on Flickr6405987075_7ca6d19efd.jpg

1125110853a by napgraf, on Flickr6405986885_ea77d55f5e.jpg

1125110853 by napgraf, on Flickr6405986629_363bd1a66b.jpg

1121111708 by napgraf, on Flickr6405986393_fdb6d63d98.jpg

1121111707 by napgraf, on Flickr

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IMG952055 by napgraf, on Flickr6405984207_0f8fa72f33.jpg

IMG956598 by napgraf, on Flickr6405983947_2d81b8db19.jpg

0622111549a-1 by napgraf, on Flickr6405983769_3bb93fc210.jpg

0621111032a-1 by napgraf, on Flickr6405983473_9e3edc866c.jpg

1118111638 by napgraf, on Flickr6405983007_70362d0f5f.jpg

1113111858 by napgraf, on Flickr6405981695_79a0d3dce7.jpg

0621111037 by napgraf, on Flickr6405981485_d8eb864a8f.jpg

0621111032 by napgraf, on Flickr6405981193_2e2053babc.jpg

0619112333a by napgraf, on Flickr6405980991_e60fedcd28.jpg

0619112333 by napgraf, on Flickr6405980741_681a49edd3.jpg

0529111345 by napgraf, on Flickr6405979747_1a6c9b4d18.jpg

0529111356 by napgraf, on Flickr6405979451_8eab418a0e.jpg

5711947424_4b2122d577_z by napgraf, on Flickr6405979271_b66b66bae3.jpg

5711952162_31c5074168_z by napgraf, on Flickr6405979131_1b8ae86876.jpg

5711393577_4618c5fc42_z by napgraf, on Flickr6405978941_6ab3ddd550.jpg

0509111539 by napgraf, on Flickr6405978661_dd86a83acf.jpg

0509111530 by napgraf, on Flickr6405978465_82a56f7a99.jpg

0509111526 by napgraf, on Flickr6405978083_dc3107c9c6.jpg

0509111210 by napgraf, on Flickr6405977839_ee1946483f.jpg

0509111200a by napgraf, on Flickr

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So much uninformed shit talk... I maybe no one just like the rest of you fools but, I'll say this. Indy's scene hasn't always been lame. But, with major crews leaving and going to places that really matter the scene will remain the same. There are a few of us who had the city lit up hard, some more pubicly than others. Sure Choke smashed, but in a city where only one person is doing spots like he was all eyes are on one person and frankly as his case proved (and many have proved in the past) jail time, restitution and court fees are eminent. While on the mention of Choke, let the dude be and quit dick riding the dude almost 2 years later. There are people still active who have had every street smashed with something, and a good portion of us realized who was more important... A bunch of fools you hate in your own city seeing your stuff or painting hundreds of panels and it possibly catching the eye of someone you would rather see it in a city that's scene is actually of some value. And to think trains are some how less of a risk, ask anyone whom who has caught a charge doing one. There are far more many charges you could face.


Blah blah blah.

Hate hate hate.


Bump Beast, Shore, Upfe, Cros and Wire.

And to the dudes who are starting to put in work who should get some credit. I see you Ser, Rack, Reap and Moe.

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Indiana writers won with Utah writers 3 to 0... foofers loss, even with the help of some toys from the bronx and ca... now comes the next battle of "dance" with foofer, this just in, Indiana won again with Utah due to a forfeit on foofers part, the DJ battle is what's most important to foofer, but this just in... foofer forfeits due to his lack of "throwin hands" - Mighty Midwest... like I said foofer, if you can't beat 'em join 'em...

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Cola was a homosexual. No diss. He was like the EarSnot of Indy. Just not black, or tuff.. but he was a gay writer.


I'm positive Cola or Vour fucked your girl son. You post in here every couple of pages to call Cola a homosexual or say Vour is biting Velcro, neither of which are true. Also, that Mber "chick magnet" freight is one of the best panels ever done but there is absolutely no reason I can think of for it to be posted in here. People are fucking stupid.

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The Mber was flicked in indy along with these. The Choke is stolen from the Ohio thread.


0217111156 by napgraf, on Flickr6447158681_ba5d877375.jpg

0217111155 by napgraf, on Flickr6447158589_312c0b3091.jpg

0217111158 by napgraf, on Flickr6447158503_fafb8d5c0e.jpg

0217111157 by napgraf, on Flickr6447158423_1ba6b8250e.jpg

0217111154 by napgraf, on Flickr6447158339_2c7970184d.jpg

picture4vt by napgraf, on Flickr6447157781_5d73f402c7.jpg

0927111458 by napgraf, on Flickr6447157719_84cfec8e9a.jpg

0927111458a by napgraf, on Flickr6447157653_4c9740a29a.jpg

0926111906b by napgraf, on Flickr6447157577_efea320089.jpg

0926111906a by napgraf, on Flickr6447157511_3d30cd0271.jpg

0926111906 by napgraf, on Flickr

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