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I was also wondering if there is any pics of DRAT floating around. I remember my first trip out there I would see his throws and straights EVERYWHERE. Then my next trip back I was told he got locked up... any1 got pics, or maybe the archive of this thread has some?

^^^bump this, im tryina see some pics if they out there...


@illskillet is there any photos?








took this pic from across the street, Idk if the graff on the other side is legal or not, but there was some burners on the building over there too


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Zion rooftop at the old drake factory near Broad Ripple


Shore inside the drake


Demo, Eros, and Shore spotted in Maine


First production on the american tent wall


Shore on the american tent wall


Bboy by Rok and Jinx and Shore with Rok, Jinx, Mane R.I.P., and Demo across from the old drake factory


First production on the american tent wall


Demo, Un1, and Shore rollin


character by Eros


Dem and Sez42


Mane R.I.P. in Indianapolis at the old drake factory


paint stash with the older krylons, american accents, and rustos




Shore, Demo, TFD by Rok and Jinx spotted in St. Louis (first pieces at the now defunct blue wall spot)


Shore and Sufr x2


Real13, Keas over Baks, Shore, Demo, Sez42 spotted in Atlanta






Pn by Plan


MTK by Grock at older Subsurface in Broad Ripple

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90's Indy flicks are the best. I love seeing those old Shores, Demos and Creeps. Those were the styles I was seeing in the very beginning. Slope and Tokeo MUL were crazy influential too, but both were from other cities.


I think the art on the Tent wall ebbs and flows. Just as you don't like what is on there now, you may love it on your next trip...

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thanks for the pic dump, really cool to see, and I cant believe that BAKS is still rockin!!!!!!


Yeah, was kind of dissapointed on the style of the work on there now, but after looking at it again some of it is still pretty fuckin good, so I shouldnt talk down about it. I just think the stuff on the back of the tent building right now seriously lacks that indy/chicago flowy style like most of the stuff on there before...


I think i'll be making a trip out there in may... I really want to get some painting in, I miss all the brick.

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^^^ its not hard to figure out what you write, as much as you bitch and talk shit on others your shameless self promotion is wack


You sound like a frustrated toy, everything you post in this thread is negative and you have yet to offer anything positive to it. I understand its a frustrating time for a lot of writers right now, but please don't get upset that I've been out doing things while you're stuck in your moms basement son. I can understand why you're bitter but please don't take it out on me. Thanks

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