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Pass the Corona ese... Novel Corona aka COVID-19

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Okay just putting it out there  in case you;'re stuck at home and need to practice your screenprinting.  Limited run shirt for the channel 0 heads so we can remember these troubled times/over blo

I know its not MS Paint, and I feel like I have failed my duties on C.Zero due to it not being mspaint. 

Besides some of the rules that make no sense like bars can’t serve alcohol unless they serve food also type shit is weird but what absolutely baffles me is how people will go out of their way, exert e

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22 hours ago, Dirty_habiT said:

Did you watch the video @KILZ FILLZ

I’m not gonna watch an hour long anti-vax speech  lol


i opened it. Waited for the name of the speaker to pop up, - paused - did a check on her credentials, then posted that response.


if the search on the speakers name came up differently, I would’ve given it some of my time.  

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1 hour ago, Dirty_habiT said:

Hmmm, I did not look her up, instead.... I listened to what she had to say.

it’s a good practice. There are a lot of people who hang on the words of Dr Phil, Dr Drew, Dr Oz too

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On 2/5/2021 at 9:04 AM, Dirty_habiT said:


That's painting with broad strokes there.

You’re exactly right. And that’s my bad. Now that I read it, I come off as an ass. That’s not how I am. I’m sorry and I don’t mean to belittle. I want to discuss. 

sometimes I post here and I try to be short and concise as possible for the sake of efficiency and digestibility. And all that leads to is my thoughts being incomplete and posts being unclear of where I am coming from and what my broader point is. I need to work on that. 

my intention with that post was a response to your comments that you didn’t research them but just listened. (Not sure if that’s what your point was, that’s just the way I read it). And my goal was to point out that just because someone has DR before their name, their intentions may not be true. OZ and DREW have both been exposed as snakeoil salesmen. After researching the speaker in your vid, I saw she has a website and podcast and a lot of controversy attached. I think that her and the examples I responded with may all fall into the category of “quack”. They want to either sell something or be in the spotlight.

I want to continue this dialogue in an even-way and I’m sorry my short post was dickish. It was. 

I think that you and I have had enough dialogue here to have a good feeling of where the other is coming from. And I think that both of us are sharp enough to recognize neither is likely to be successful in swaying the other. But- I think communicating and bouncing perspectives off each other is valuable. I want to know where you are coming from and why. And I hope you feel the same. I am interested in understanding, not contesting. Again sorry for being snappy in my reply. I usually post here while walking from one mtg to another or whatever and am short with my typing. 

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On 2/4/2021 at 8:18 PM, nicklesndimes said:



If I may interject a little anecdotal ditty in here: Im a firm believer in wearing masks. Last year I washed my hands, sanitized on the regular and wore a mask out in public. I didnt get sick once. Not a head cold, Not a chest cold, and I wasnt effected by the pollen in the air. I usually catch 3 minor colds a year that last a couple of days. 

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@KILZ FILLZ- in response to your last post, sorry for late reply...... I just didn't have time to dedicate to responding the way I wanted to when I read it.  Thank you for apologizing, I wasn't really upset and I think it's a really respectful thing to do (saying sorry)_.... but that's another book I could write lol.  I'm guilty of being too quick with my responses at times, but noticing it has given me something to do for myself to grow.



What I was getting to by saying that I "didn't look her up" is that my goal in watching her was to see what she was talking about and not so much who she was.  Lies are MUCH harder to tell than the truth and when you get into super elaborate 1h+ long Youtube lies it turns from being something "little and misleading" into a chore.


Then you'd have to think, someone has to want to spend time on this lie, hone it, and then tell it.... There needs to be a motive to make elaborate lies.... One should ask, what motive would someone have to not tell the truth.  "What would one stand to gain by making X choice instead of Y choice?"


I am not at all suggesting that I know what she said was true or not.  Dismissing someone before listening to them strikes me as an "immediate gratification" thing to do.  It is like when people have to whip their phone out to have a conversation because the search engine knows the thing they're trying to talk about authoritatively and they do not.


People don't seem to just talk and listen to one another (often) anymore, everyone's VERY concerned with "who's who".  I don't really like celebrities either, like I don't really get into jocking other people at all really. 


(no intention of suggesting that you did any of the above, just giving perspective on my thoughts.)

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 damn we got shafted bloody Italians




Italy has blocked the export of 250,000 doses of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine to Australia in an escalation of a row with the Anglo-Swedish company.

In the first such intervention under the EU’s controversial export authorisation scheme, the Italian government ordered that the doses remain in the bloc with the backing of the European commission.

The move will alarm those concerned that the EU is moving towards a protectionist approach to vaccine supply. The commission had repeatedly and publicly insisted that it did not intend to impose a ban.

The EU has been engaged in high-profile row with AstraZeneca after the company informed officials of a shortfall in deliveries this quarter due to a production problem in one of its EU sites.

A mechanism under which vaccine suppliers would need to gain authorisation for exports out of the EU was drawn up amid concerns that doses made within the bloc were being delivered to the UK.

The commission had insisted for weeks that the mechanism was primarily about transparency. But Ursula von der Leyen, the commission president, had privately assured the 27 EU heads of state and government at a summit last week that exports would be prevented in cases where suppliers were not fulfilling their contractual obligations.

AstraZeneca has production sites in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy. Australia has purchased 53m doses from the company, which are due to be rolled out this month. The vaccine has the advantage of being able to be kept in normal refrigerated conditions rather than in freezers.

AstraZeneca had made deliveries to Italy last week that were about 10-15% lighter than expected. But the company had insisted it would respect its commitment to supply the country with 4.2m doses in the first quarter of the year.

The Italian government, under its new prime minister, Mario Draghi, formerly president of the European Central Bank, had nevertheless notified the commission at the end of the week of its intentions and received Brussels’ backing. He had voiced his concerns that the EU was not being stricter on exports during the leaders’ summit.

Italy’s foreign ministry said in a statement that Australia was not considered to be “a vulnerable country” and that the decision was made due to the “persistence of the vaccine shortage in the EU and Italy, the delays in supply of AstraZeneca vaccines to the EU and Italy and the very high number of doses” that the company wanted to export.

Bernd Lange, the German MEP who chairs the European parliament’s trade committee said the move was a “mistake” that others would now emulate.

He tweeted: “Pandora’s box opened. Mistake. Carte blanche for imitators. Could have fatal consequences, e.g. on supply chains. Prelude to global battle over Covid-19 vaccines? Escalation inevitable”.

The EU has approved about 150 requests for the export of vaccines since it established its authorisation mechanism, with only Italy so far having rejected such a request.

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Hope you get well soon @abrasivesaint


my girls daughter has been with us since last Saturday and is positive she's staying till april 1st.. took a test the other day my results were negative.. my girls was too but she took a rapid test earlier this morning and she came out positive.. now I'm stuck in this fucking house with a girl who keeps coming out of her room and her mother who keeps going IN the room to play with her.. really fucking annoyed with both of them at this point honestly..


gonna take another test soon one of these days and hopefully it comes out negative again.. fingers crossed.. 🤞🏼 till then I told them both don't come out of either room and don't step foot in the front room or I'm gonna lose my shit..

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