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Pass the Corona ese... Novel Corona aka COVID-19


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13 hours ago, Ko SprueOne said:



BTW, if anyone is looking to wear an effective mask but can't find N95 grade products. I hear vacuum bag filters are the next best thing if modified to wear on your face.





3M Filtrete furnace filters and Swiffer dry are also good medias to make homemade masks from what I've read.

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I'm a dumb.
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Drawing from other threads for this post, positive thinking, off grid, etc.  Some good things occurring despite the overall mood/tone/situation, going to leave that PMA here.


Since this started:


I'm eating more healthy.  Making a lot of food from scratch instead of store/restaurant foods loaded with salts, sugars, preservatives.

Expanded my cooking skills to learn to make some of the products we would buy before.

Been slowly losing weight.

Exercising more.

General pollution is down, air quality better.  Noticeable now, pretty sure I'll still see the effects up in the mountains in a few months.

With less people about the wild animals are able to move about more freely and naturally, have had some good sightings.

I see people enjoying the outdoors/nature more.

I see some people learning to entertain themselves again vs allowing their tv or computer to entertain them.

This is possibly the most hygienic I will see the general public be.


Hope you all can take a moment to pause and find something good in your days today.



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9 hours ago, NightmareOnElmStreet said:

My thoughts exactly. But allegedly they are waving you down to pull over if they see out of state plates, primarily ny. (i dont have facts on that). They are strategically standing around a hundred feet before a rest area northbound where i saw all the tents and outbreak looking motherfuckers at. No one was stopped but they were most definitely in proximity of a "pull the fuck over." I don't know how it would work though if there isn't a legitimate checkpoint. Very confusing as i was driving south looking over the medium. But as i drove back they were so close to the road i thought they were going to wave me down. Naturally, drivers slow down when theres the slightest bit of situation on the highway so i could see how slow people were moving. 


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20 hours ago, KILZ FILLZ said:

a challenger appears!!!!




Red circles proportional to confirmed cases, bar height is square root of confirmed cases otherwise NY dominates the graph






Linear scale version , absolute numbers







Plot of deaths using square root scale 






Whole world with square root scale 











Sauce -




Since there was so much graph discussion... to the next page. 

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7 minutes ago, glorydays said:

i invested in all streaming platforms...they're performing well but not that great considering

I just cancelled all our paid streaming services. Only so much shit you can watch. Also, the service quality has dropped of nationally from what I've heard, but definitely out here. But likewise, gotta cut back on non essentials and Hulu, HBO, Showtime got the ax.

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8 minutes ago, misteraven said:

I just cancelled all our paid streaming services. Only so much shit you can watch. Also, the service quality has dropped of nationally from what I've heard, but definitely out here. But likewise, gotta cut back on non essentials and Hulu, HBO, Showtime got the ax.

i can see that being a trend...i can see why the stock price kind of leveled off also. i think people are spending their "quarantine" outside more

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So I'm starting to question my math on the Italy numbers. No so much questioning my math as I'm questioning the official data. Being entirely honest, I still cannot see how its possible to hide evidence of mounds of dead bodies in an age where most human on planet earth carry smart phones. I have yet to see that iconic shot being circulated on social or anywhere that always ends up framing every significant event.


The position I put forth only makes sense if the inputs being used to calculate numbers are remotely credible and to be honest with all of you, I'm starting to question that. Maybe its just me going back into my normal stance of not trusting shit and its easy to see how well the tin foil hat does indeed fit during crazy days like we're seeing, but here's a couple things that are needling at me for all of you to speculate on...


1. At a certain point, shutting down the entire world cant just be a sensational reactionary type of event. Its one thing for people to panic respond, but its now been several weeks in the USA of being shutdown and going on several months for other parts of the world. If there's anything you can trust, its human greed and if anything, there should be pretty intense pressure to ramp everything back up again. News out of China is surprisingly quiet in this regard and though I limit a lot of my news consumption, fact is I have a lot of vendor relationships out in China that I've maintained for years and all are dark. The cost of this shutdown is incalculable. I really don't think the government is one to just obliterate the economy out of a need top play it safe. Again, its one thing to let a reaction get out of hand for a quick minute, but we're well past that unless there's something far bigger than a fraction of a percentage point death rate. 


2. I know some people are a bit skeptical on whether you can trust MSM and government. Some people still have faith that they're looking out for you and subscribe to the system as it is supposed to work: That we vote in people that genuinely are there to do good and are there to look out for your best interests. Personally I do not at all believe this (search for posts I've made or ask questions if you need more insight). This recent shit about how we were all told that N95 basks were not needed... That they were useless... And in some cases actually did more harm than good... Well, I saw that as absolute bullshit from jump street. No this isn't a conspiracy and I'm sure most fo you guys saw / read the same thing. Maybe those articles are still posted so you can google them. Who knows, maybe the agenda runs even deeper and some of it was scrubbed, but I'm positive I've had that discussion with several people and sure there's references to that exact discussion here on the forum. Considering that since pretty much forever, any time you see a doctor or dentist, that every time you're in a hospital, that every single time you watch a TV show or a movie involving anything medical... First think you note is that they're wearing nitrile / latex gloves and an N95 mask. In fact, isn't that the very definition how how to identify medical staff? Scrubs, gloves, mask? So it seemed so obviously disingenuous (putting that nicely) to see MSM make statements about how a mask is not necessary. That at best it was wasteful and at worst it actually was potentially harmful (though how it was harmful made even less sense since even an ill fitting mask is better than no mask and putting a fucking mask on isn't exactly rocket science). Now suddenly we hear that we should all be wearing masks when out in public. 


What this tells me is that, they'll hard face blatantly lie, no matter how ridiculous it sounds even if that lie won't hold up for very long. Worse, that they'll put your life in potential danger while lying to your face, even if its a dead end that can't possibly hold up for very long. Again, I've said it over and over and over and over... According to MSM and your politicians, things are always a certain way, right up until they aren't. For those not understanding my meaning with this... Is that, we have seen and will likely continue to see these people beat their drums and vehemently defending a certain 'truth', right up to the point that there's a new 'truth' to vehemently broadcast and defend.




So yeah, this whole thing has been a wild ride. I panicked early on, caught my breath, tried to apply logic to the situation only to see the logic I tried to apply start to crumble under the reality I'm seeing unfold in front of me. What has me really reassessing the situation is the mask thing and how outrageously obvious that was to lie to people about masks. It may seem stupid, but its real, tangible evidence that they either think we're all toddlers that can't handle real truth or that there are deeper agendas / motives at play that somehow justify putting your life at risk (not even sure I'm surprised by that). But another thing that has me rattled is that a good friend of mine up here that works with military contractors and LEO said he was given a heads up about two deaths that occurred in the last 24 hours and that there is zero news to be found about it. One being a doctor at the local hospital at that. Sure, we can chalk that up to slow news reporting or disorganization, but somehow that seems far too forgiving and I'm not a particularly trusting individual.


So not sure what to say or think. I'm not back in panic mode myself to be honest. We're in a pretty great place to be honest. But my concern level is definitely getting ready to red line again. Wondering what the fuck is really going and what we're not being told, cause its getting harder and harder to think the entire world has been shutdown for weeks / months cause the powers that be are concerned that maybe a fraction of 1% of thew population that catch this thing could die.



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