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Pass the Corona ese... Novel Corona aka COVID-19


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7 minutes ago, mr.yuck said:


Is this the big “gotcha” moment? 

When a vaccine that was created to combat a particular virus no longer works at all because the mutation of the original virus is so wildly different? 

Bang on.


Why the hell are they forcing us to take these boosters to fight variants they don’t even cover. The whole thing is so strange. 


Up where i’m at we’ve got a 10pm curfew, a vax pass (can’t go anywhere public without it) and now they’re proposing a tax on unvaxxed. All for a shot that doesn’t cover the current variants anyway?



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@Kultsthats fucking wack. 

I understand the reasoning behind it. But you don’t build a trust bridge by beating people into submission financially.


The Delta and Alpha strains aren’t even a concern here anymore amongst states with large vaxxed populations. But that’s not to say that there can’t be a resurgence of those more deadlier strains if people don’t get hooked up with the shot. 

It’s like several years ago when all these Jenny McCarthy ass clown parents stopped vaxxing their kids for what ever reason and shortly afterwards there started being large outbreaks of the fucking mumps and measles and shit.


The disease isn’t going away, let’s just be smart enough to not be killed by it.

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In large part I agree with you. The vax doesn’t do much in terms of stopping the spread though and if you’re around 40 and have no other health conditions your chances of falling seriously ill are next to none. Esp now with this new variant. 


YMMV of course but i’m not seeing the use. It made sense at first but now they’re driving off the cliff 

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I like how all of a sudden the n95 rated masks are now becoming a inferior grade and a new grade is in the works.  I can't wait to see hoe they are not only gonna push the narrative to mask up with the new 2.0 but how they gonna make us buy them.  



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The vax and boosters don't do jack except fuck off your immune system and give you AIDS. Hard for me to believe people on here still believe it's good for something other than controlling the minds and will of others. 

Plenty of people have known this the entire time. What motivation should someone like me have to get an experimental medication?


It really seems people are still being willfully ignorant about this. They refuse to research anything and I'd venture to guess that they didn't do so hot with any research related subjects in school either. 

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Your personal safety isn't my responsibility. Never has been and never will be. 

Run your own race. If you want to participate in taking experimental medications without being paid for your willful ignorance then by all means be my guest. 

The problem is like anything else anyone has invested themselves in. They will protect their poor decision because there's no other choice outside admitting that they've been wrong. 

A ton of people aren't paying attention maybe because their span is blown by years of cocaine and smoking weed.

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I will never get an experimental medication so that "I can protect" you or your grandma or whoever else you all think it is that I need to protect. 

I'll protect y'all with an ar-15 when it comes down to it, not by destroying my bodies immune system that has been developed for thousands of years through evolution. 

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13 minutes ago, mr.yuck said:

When I catch Covid don’t come blast my lungs with your AR! That shit won’t help.

You've already had it and nothing the government and media is pushing will help you anyway. 

Huge psyop. 

Manufactured virus. 
paid shills for China. 
cheated election.

restriction of freedoms.

media infiltration by govt operatives. 
soros and Schwab funded fascist and racist groups.

cucked states and citizens in New York and California.

Hollyweird kid fuckers.

pelosi congresswoman insider trading.

"free testing" (check out an economics class)

"free vax" see above. 
canada attempting to tax the "unvaxed". 
ray epps glowfag. 
manufactured "insurrection".

lies about people dying. 
Fudged numbers on covid deaths and percentage vaxed. 






The only people still believing in this stuff are watching NYTimes paper articles, kid fucker cnn, and fake ass news Reuters. Don't forget China cucked NPR. 

You basically have to put a ton of effort into looking away from what is painfully obvious to everyone paying attention. I'd call it mental gymnastics but gymnastics are hard beyond what most peoples spineless efforts are capable of understanding. 

I've handed the answers to everyone here but I'm just a ridiculous fascist trump tard redneck white Christian male. Don't take my word for it, it's not like I'm smart or anything. 

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I read that the Chinese are spreading miss-information via various online sources to keep people from getting vaccinated. They are using the unvaccinated as a Trojan horse biological weapon  to bring the west to their knees. 

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The vaccinated people are capable of carrying viral load hundreds of times higher than what a pure blood would carry. 

Everything China says is a lie.


They've sold you a virus.

They've sold you masks.

They've sold you the "vaccine" and boosters.

They've sold you test kits. 


Peoples' immune systems are fucked and they don't even know it. It'll be super obvious as more healthy people drop dead from blood clots and in the not so distant future have their bodies riddled with cancers that "can't be treated."


It takes actual effort to believe the lies. 

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Meanwhile you have vaxed dipshits saying they got sick from the thing their vax was supposed to protect them from claiming that their symptoms were mild as a result. 



















only a sub 100 iq person would say and believe something so spectacularly retarded. 

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Doctors get huge payouts from saying you've got covid when you go in with the sniffles. 

even more massive paycheck if they can put someone on a ventilator and write in their chart that they did. 

more kick backs from administering remdisivir which causes organ failure and lungs to fill with fluid. 

nobody has died of covid outside of the hospital. Think about that for just a moment. 

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This is why I tried very hard to keep everyone here from making that decision for yourselves. I don't know most of you personally but I've been in his community longer than many people here.  I care about seeing you guys be grandparents some day if that's what you want. Sadly I don't think this will be the case. The real damage will be apparent in the coming years. 

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Money and depopulation. Bill gates is heavily involved. You can find all kinds of clips of him saying real wild shit like we need to reduce the population. 

It's better to make people sterile and young people die from heart diseases than it is to mow them with machine guns. 

Bioweapon is there perfect solution. It's not just the manufactured virus. It's the test kits. It's the shots and boosters. 

Mark my words. This will continue to be blamed on the unvaxed and it 10000% is not going to stop with 3 jabs. In the coming months you will see them pressing for a fourth and a fifth of the charade continues. 

I honestly do not know what will stop this. We are all very very fucked. All of us, unless we can get it the fuck together as a society. And no I do not mean that to insinuate everyone needs to fall in-line to get vaxed. 

I feel very bad for the people that were forced and will be forced into this for their employment. 

Blood is on the hands of people that aren't even part of the evil crap..... like business owners that have forced their workers to get vax'd. 

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