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Pass the Corona ese... Novel Corona aka COVID-19


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I just got a call from my cousin that’s doing my tile. Not related to my late uncle. He said they just banished him from the house and are making him live in the RV cuz he probably has Covid. 

The things he told me next make @Dirty_habiTs views on Covid look like some libtard cuckery.


The first thing out of his mouth was “Covid  isn’t real so I’m just gonna skip the test.” I replied “Wait. Hold up. Like you don’t even think Covid exists at all?”


”Nah. Yo check this out. I went to go get some medicine from Walgreens and their shelves were empty. I’m about to send you a picture.”


*Phone dings*



“Lol. Bro it’s like the government is working with Walgreens to make sure you stay sick.”


He starts laughing nervously.


“You know what I really think Yuck? I called my brother when I saw this lack of medicine and he said it’s the same everywhere, You know that freak snow we had on Monday? I think that shit was government sanctioned weather control and they dusted all of us unvaxed with the Covid22. Now it all makes sense why there’s no medicine. They are trying to kill us off.”


Im dying laughing at this lunacy. I’ve never had a good read on this dude whether he’s being for real or not. My wife doesn’t have a good read on him either so she’s laughing too. 

It’s becoming clear he’s not joking. Maybe? I dunno. He starts talking about trying to make a jail break back into the house for some apple juice.

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You the awful thing is that I definitely think there’s some fuckery going on. Pfizer vaccine will make 36 billion dollars in its first year. That almost doubles the previous record drug profit in a year. 

The problem is a lot of the truth gets masks through these crazy assholes so anything true is just associated with conspiracy theory looneys. 

It’s not on accident. But yeah Covid is real and even though pharma is extorting the government for money doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get it. Just means they are psychos that need to be regulated

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1 minute ago, Dirty_habiT said:

@mr.yuckyeah your cousin is on some other shit. Sounds like he's been reading into some weird rabbit holes. 

He’s not even a conspiracy theory guy. He finished up all that shit with “…yeah, that sounds legit!” Lol! I don’t know what’s going on anymore. This timeline is wild AF.

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13 minutes ago, Dirty_habiT said:

Covid is definitely real and manufactured. It's danger has been vastly inflated by the cnn media and their penis pumps. 


agreed to a certain level. They are definitely on their knees for pharma but as long as lunatics are around discrediting any legitimate claims against them, the average person will believe cdc is the ultimate ruler of everything right.

So strange how any other option beyond a vaccine is not allowed to be considered in treatment. That is just so bizarre to me. Being someone who has an incurable illness, I know how vast options and ideas are when something doesn’t have a cure. The fact that this is so finite only indicates these assholes want you gauge it all for profit.

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