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This Old Trap House: Wonk Saggin Edition


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On 9/11/2022 at 3:44 PM, SMdoubleXL said:

If it’s not shut all the way it sways all the way open.  He says it’s the summer swell, which I can tell the difference now that we’ve been here a year.  Idgaf what’s causing it. 
he wouldn’t so I ask my dude here @mr.yuckit this trick works 



I get out the hammer and screwdriver and remove the top pin. (Btw. There are only two hinges on all the doors in this place.) 

all of a sudden he wants to help 

had to do both hinge pins 


but look



My fucking door is back swinging open unless I latch it. Everytime I hear the sound of it hitting where it hits I cringe so bad now. Haha.

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On 10/22/2022 at 4:59 PM, mr.yuck said:

@SMdoubleXLwhat is the actual problem with the door? 

the door swings all the way open unless it’s all the way closed. 

i want it to stay in place 


during the summer it does it because of the house swell. and fall/winter it subsides. 

it drives me nuts. Sometimes I want it open halfway or a little bit. 
youtubed a bunch and saw that putting a slight bend in your door pins will allow the door to hold in place. 
it worked 


until the temp dropped now it’s back to swinging open.



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@SMdoubleXLthe only thing I can suggest is to take the pins back out and try to bend them a little more. Sounds like you are in an older building and the settling has caused the door to fall out of plumb. My parents old condo did that shit something terrible. We put a laser level on one end of the unit and shined it all the way down to the other and the shit was off by over 10 inches. It was fucking insane. Like you could feel yourself walking uphill. I ended up replacing all of the doors in the unit with pocket doors to solve the problem 

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Finally got this stone top installed this morning.


It was exciting for all of us because it had been sitting in their shop ready to be installed for about a year waiting for us to have our tile finished and vanity installed. We both forgot what the stone looked like that we picked out. Lolz. It's fire.





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22 hours ago, mr.yuck said:

Been flirting with the idea of getting a black toilet and hooking it up with gold handles and shit like Master P.


I think you should really do this.  I am sure Buster + Punch may be able to help you with the handles.

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Bros. I went to install my vanity drains today and guess what; they're too short. Why wouldn't they be. I've been sittin on these bad boys for over a year now and never once thought to check them in the sink bowls. At least my plumbing supplier is willing to take these hoes back for a 25% restocking fee. 


This bathroom shit is ludicrously expensive. I can't wait to be done with this bullshit.

Edited by mr.yuck
I hate plumbing and everything about it.
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1 hour ago, ndv said:


Texas is pretty cheap.  Those prices and commission kinda tell you how much it cost to build a home. 


It cost around $150 a sq ft to build new depending on your area and who you know. Those houses probably cost some where around $300k to build. Add the commissions to that then subtract that number from those sale prices. There's a whole nother house in there you are financing that goes to the builders.


Around here I can build a 2000 SQ ft, over base, home for like 140k.

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