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those flicks that mean a lot to you

Guest fr8lover

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Guest fr8lover

along the lines of beardos thread...


nyc 2000 a constant in quite a few of my travels, my mom is staring at the roller in the right corner, she asked me how the hell these guys did that sort of thing and i honestly didnt have an answer.



nyc 2001 im going to blow this one up and frame it...dude looked pretty weirded out when i took the picture, i only wish i had a better camera for it.



nyc 2000 another weirded out pedestrian, my camera is aimed directly at the dude as he walked right in front of me...he smiled as he walked by, one of those really awkward smiles, though...



roma 2000 once again, thats my moms on the left side of this flick! we had been fighting all day walking around the city, and she was impatient that i was taking flix again.



2000 running away from yard workers then rolling back near him to get this flick, there he is under the piece...i had to ditch out into the woods behind me a few seconds after i took this.



nyc 2001 beautiful



1999 on the come up suburban stylee! dirt alleyways in the midwest...how bout that?



mpls 2001 intel sever...road trip with my buddies, dragging them to legal walls...



kcmo i just like dalek



accidental self portrait





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Guest fr8lover

fire crotch: hah test is doing stuff like that now? i finally got to meet dude and hes really chill...i did that awhile back on my one can "bombing" missions in my old town...


stem: olympus d360L digital...its broken at the moment.

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getting yelled at while taking this pic....


its was in the middle of the downtown phoenix yard,

those mutherfuckers chased me out, but at least

i got my flick off, fuckers.





8 years ago, I found this wall. Its a mad chill spot.

I hit it up all the time, and still do till this day.

About 2 years ago, I go back there, and spot

this.....words cant explain what this pic means to me


nace rip





A stroll through philly ran me into this.....

I love fuckin tags!

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Guest imported_b0b
Originally posted by ASER1NE

that accidental self portrait is fukkin awesome , im gonna try to do that on purpose , but it will probly not work when i want it too


Gotta agree..

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Guest mikro137

heh heh heh



i love punk rockers , this is the type of shit that makes me keep going you know , the fact that some one (skin no less) put the time into painting this masterpiece. i love it.


this was a very fun night , the mikrohhshit that mook did just blew me out of the water


i got this dude to yell graffiti tv about 5 times , after watching the one with td and teck where dooleyo trys to get the bum to yell it while td is painting some van. mad ill.


this was just funny and it was gone the day after i took the flick

justa couple

hope you like


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