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STYLE TCHATCHKES -☠️- patches, enamel pins, challenge coins, keychains, lighters, bottle openers

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Are these things you've collected over time? Or are you part of a formal trading group?

A friend of mine invited me to one on facebook recently and it was fuuuullll of characters man - not really my scene but entertaining no less.
Like it bugged me out to see patches and pins being traded like some sort of black market currency, or seeing pictures of people with these big felt canvases full of patches next to their guns and shit... I dunno just seemed like such a weird flex.

Dig your collections tho!
If I can find my box of random design ephemera I'll see if I have anything worth sharing

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@ClownPrincenah I’m not a member of any group and don’t trade with anyone


these last two lots of Padres pins were all given to me within the last couple wks while my ladies dad is getting rid of stuff before moving out of state. 

the smashed pennies are something we do as souvenirs when on vacation. A lot of the other stuff is found, the guitar picks for example


a lot of the pins and patches are things I’ve kind of gathered over the years 


im mostly attracted to items that take up as little space as possible so I just kinda naturally started gravitating twds the pins


i first started getting into the pins and patches by coming across them in swap meets and army/navy surplus stores on the hunt for other things. Those surplus stores are great resources for camping and hiking gear and all sorts of odd n ends like obscure books and military field manuals... 



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Ohh okay that's what I thought.
Respect for the squirrely approach of just collecting things that you like, I do the same thing with labels and graphic design material.
Like that Padres logo pin.. so clean.

Sidenote(not to derail the thread), I did more lurking in the patch group and found it connected to a certain movement.. oddly enough


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