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Here's some pics, my glass is dirty and i have been letting it get overgrown. But this is all low-tech easy plants, i barely do shit for maintenance.

Oh also i forgot Cryptocoryne thats a great easy plant as well.




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17 hours ago, Q666 said:

first thing is first, it is very important to understand the nitrogen cycle that takes place in aquarium.

this is essential before any success can be had in the hobby, you need to at least have a vague grasp on this.


The short version is that you cannot put any fish into your tank for 3-4 weeks after you fill it. The cycle must take place.

For the long version, google it. Here is the first link that came up - https://www.thesprucepets.com/nitrogen-cycle-understanding-1380724


Whats great about plants is they help with this, sort of, and you dont have to wait for the cycle.


For a beginner planted tank i would recommend the following:


10 gallon aquarium

aquaclear 30 HOB filter ("hang on back") or similar filter... aquaclears are really great and a lot of people love them.

50 watt aquarium heater. I usually use Eheim brand, but for beginner you can really just grab any one off the shelf at petsmart.

(I do recommend to get an adjustable one though. The preset ones are not as reliable in my experience.)

Finnex Stingray LED light.


I love the finnex stingray. There are plenty of other comparable lights you can use, but this one is affordable and great for beginner.


And finally, you need substrate. Again there are a lot of brands and choices.

Eco-Complete, Fluval Stratum, ADA Aquasoil, Landen, Tropica

You want one that is intended for a planted tank. Most people choose a black one because it makes the colors pop better.


Also, this is just me, but i always plastidip spray the backs of my tanks so the background is black.


This is basically all you need to start what is considered a "low tech" planted tank setup.


For your plants, you want to be looking for "easy" plants with low light requirements.

I recommend Anubias, Java Fern, Rotala, Valisneria, Wisteria.


Anubias and Java Fern feed from the rhizome so do not fully bury the plant.


These are all low maintenance plants. I do very little to them and they thrive in my tanks. i run all my tanks low tech.

I used to do high tech but pressurized CO2 and fertilization and algae management is all a big pain in the ass.


Rambling explanation, let me know if any questions.


This is great....I'm gonna start shopping for tanks. I love my garden, but I want one inside the house that I can watch.

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3D-printed terracotta tiles could save coral reefs

Marie Donlonย | August 06, 2020

To replenish depleting coral reefs, architects and marine scientists from the University of Hong Kong (HKU) are 3D printing artificial reef tiles composed of terracotta clay.

According to theย researchers, when placed underwater, the terracotta clay tiles encourage coral attachment with its 3D printed foundation.

The artificial tiles are created via a robotic 3D clay printing technique using generic terracotta, which is then fired at 2,057ยฐ F once the tiles are designed. Terracotta is considered among the most environmentally friendly materials for this purpose, according to researchers.

Source: University of Hong KongSource: University of Hong Kong

Presented with climate challenges, the world's coral reefs face extinction, with some reports suggesting they could be entirely extinct by 2100. This challenges include sedimentation, bioerosion, which is a gradual deterioration of coral, and coral bleaching, wherein corals expel algae (zooxanthellae) living within their tissues, thereby causing the coral to turn completely white.

As such, researchers from around the world are attempting to solve the problem with assorted solutions, includingย cloud seedingย andย coral genetics, in addition to several otherย 3D printingย efforts.

The new technique is being trialed at the Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park in Hong Kong, where the artificial reef tiles have already been installed.

"The Marine Park is a local biodiversity hotspot accounting for more than three-quarters of reef-building corals in Hong Kong and more than 120 fish species. However, in recent years, gradual deterioration of the coral habitat, a process known as bioerosion, coupled with coral bleaching and mass mortality events in 2015-2016, are putting the future of the coral community at risk," according to an HKUย pressย release.

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