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What Are You Listening To 2020: Decade of the Douchebag.

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music is a young mans game. I think most of us fell off where that’s concerned. I do like some of the new stuff but i don’t have the time or the patience to keep up with it or dig through all the rele

I miss going to record stores and talking to people about music. Learning new tunes from word of mouth... It’s cool having the world at your finger tips... but there’s no adventure in it. No thrill of

Still remember when this came out.  It's one of the few albums that I can't get 3 words into the intro and not hear the whole album.    

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On 4/12/2020 at 2:35 AM, JesusMachine said:

just saw the rza v dj premier battle/ sound clash on IG.  shit was dope.

I didn't get to see it. Guess I should find it today and watch , everyone is talking highly of it.


Current song



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1 hour ago, abrasivesaint said:

Knew you’d like that one. Definitely at the top of my list.

I used to have " a profound hatred of man" tattooed down my forearm... I fucking love Shai hulud

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this song cheers me up when I’m down , I have  played it multiples times this year to start my day off right

dope live version of a classic - with Ron carter on bass (legendary jazz bassist who played in miles Davis’ second great quintet) 


Fun? fact : i always thought this song was about a woman , but Bobby hebb wrote this tune in the 48 hours after his brother was stabbed to death (same day JFK was assassinated) . He was determined to write this because he felt it was better to have a positive outlook on his life rather than living life with his head down . The tune is about his brother and best friend . Story goes he waited three years before recording it , and then it became a mega hit . Brutal story - turned things around into a triumph 😤 


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