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Clickbait: Officer's body cam captures him getting hit by train.

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And this is why you don't fuck around with trains.  They can VERY easily kill you.  I've heard stories of people walking between the trains in the yard and when they attach some up the line they bump into the trains.  I dunno how true this is but the trains can apparently move side to side by a good amount.  I know for a fact there is very little room in between trains in the yard so I could see someone getting squished this way.


Another way trains are dangerous is if you're sitting on top of the walk way on a hopper, and you're smoking blunts/drinking 40s, talking about the successes you've had in life..... and they attach an engine to the train up the line somewhere.  The entire train will instantly shift probably a foot because they ram the engine into the line of trains to attach it.  This will scare the bejesus out of you and could cause you to fall off the side if you're sitting there with your legs dangling off.  I know this because I read books.


Stay safe out there.

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Oh man, I turned down the lights, closed the curtains, and got out the lotion/box of tissues, but unfortunately didn't see any injuries.


Seriously, what a fool, the fucking train was blasting it's fucking horn. What did he think he was going to put the train if handcuffs if it didn't comply? I've gone through several rounds of track training for work where they show gore videos to scare us, and painted trains pretty consistently for a year in Denver. I've just never seen this level of stupidity when dealing with trains. Once again the tax payers are going to take a massive hit because of this morons disregard for common sense.

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Yeah I couldn't believe that he was just walking like that when you could clearly hear the horn blasting...... and you could not see a train in front of the camera..... which means it was behind the camera.  I think from his shadow you could tell he was a little chunky so maybe he was just being lazy and not wanting to alter anything about what he was doing because it would require effort.

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POLK COUNTY, Ga. — A Polk County Police officer is recovering after a close call on Tuesday, in which he was hit by a train while chasing a suspect.


According to police, officer Andy Anderson came across an 18-year-old suspect, identified as Jayden Moats, believed to have broken into a Rockmart home - stealing a guitar and TV.


Giving chase, Anderson apparently did not realize how close he was to an approaching train as Moats fled across the tracks. 


Polk County Police Chief Kenny Dodd said Anderson was clipped by the train in that moment, resulting in five broken ribs, a broken arm and a concussion.


The chief said Anderson underwent surgery but is now recovering in a hospital in Rome.


As for Moats, Chief Dodd said police are still searching for the teenager, who didn't get away with anything after putting down the guitar and TV to flee on foot.


There was, however, a woman identified as the getaway driver and arrested. It's not clear why that woman, Nancie Borders, was caught by police, but Moats was not.




How much you want to bet they try to pin additional charges on the kid to pretend this Bubba didn't fuck up.

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