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fall before the ground is frozen, perfect time to start overwintering bulbs. in this case it's onions & garlic...


yesterday i weeded/tilled these 3 raised beds in the garden..



garlic & onion bulbs..





just space them 6 inches at least apart or so and cover w/ soil a few inches deep(probably could've buried these a bit deeper)..



by the time summer is really starting to come around these will be practically ready to harvest already!

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On 11/3/2021 at 5:34 PM, nicklesndimes said:

picked these green tomatoes today, the last of the tomatoes that hadn't fully ripened yet.


heard somewhere that if you put them in a box and close the lid that they emit a gas called ethylene and over time that trapped gas aids in the ripening. i also heard to include a early, greenish-yellow banana in the box to aid in the ethylene gas emissions...


might not be the tastiest tomatoes of the year..but could cook down into a sauce or something.



unfortunately, these didn't turn out too great...


quite a few were turning red, but a couple spoiled and started to smell pretty bad which ruined it for myself personally


would try again at a later date, though 🙂

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still getting sweet and hot peppers here with intermittent snow starting so that's probably ending soon. picked a few recently, trying to remember to save a few for the seeds for planting in the spring.


various trinidad scorpions and carolina reapers on the window sill..



not to mention a nice batch still of the ghost peppers(w/ a few long chili peppers mixed in)..IMG_20211114_193505_0.thumb.jpg.5da84e9b98284e10ee243312063f0831.jpg

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it’s time to start this now pretty much @nicklesndimes  

I came across this book while doing hort classes and my cheap ass just made copies of the good pages 

but the book is a Farmers Almanac gardeners to do list, month by month. 

it lays out a good guide as to what to start and when, according to your hardiness zone. We live in the same hardiness zone of like 6a-6b 









here’s January and February. Now that I’m talking about it Ima just go ahead and find it online and order it. Def worth having. Good info inside 




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thanks alot! went ahead and started my garden this evening..hoping i get some healthy plants.IMG_20220216_224202_5.thumb.jpg.8d7d3437dbe65d1022979e46c4b6570f.jpg


this time i chose:

4 colors of sweet peppers: green, red, orange, & gold

3 types of tomatoes




spaghetti squash

and a variety of hot peppers: trinidad scorpion, scotch bonnet, choc. cappuccino trinidad scorpion, habenero, reaperz, and a few mystery variety of hots that came free w/ my small order.

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On 1/18/2022 at 5:14 PM, One Man Banned said:

Think I posted about the mint in some revenge thread before, thought it funny when I saw this.  Seemed most appropriate for this thread.



I missed this post and I think it’s such a great idea haha. 
evry now and then I’ll carry lil bags of seeds and just drop em  when I see appropriate 


native seeds are the best. 

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been a pretty nasty start to spring here, but probably finally taking my seedlings outside to our greenhouse on monday. planted everything back on feb 16th, but unfortunately, some hot and sweet peppers are taking FOREVER to germinate next to this cold window so are slightly behind, but it'll all work out.


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I’m gonna restart my seeds.  I had a few push through but this last few cold spells really fucked things up. 

until then. Here are my current houseplants 


most of these need more light. I’m waiting to give them sunlight. Outside. 























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